Monday, December 24, 2012

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

New Vids Up on YouTube!!!

Got sum Vids up as previews for teh soon to be released, My Game show song is taking a lil long so it's whats holding up teh full CD but in teh meantime heres a few more tidbits for ya...

 MIEone -Reefer Reaper

MIEone Ft. Yola - Ezkape(Vocal Mix)

You can follow Yola on twitter @YolaBossMikey

MIEone - Only You (Vocal Mix)

MIEone - Dubluar Bells (The Exorcist)

MIEone DWI Crew

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Recorded today

gonna tweak the songs a lil but looks liek "Foundation" will be out next week (Keeps fingers crossed) when i get home later imma also upload a vocal version of a song off Haus of Dub that was meant to have lyrics on it but i didnt get in the studio in time.

Special Thanx to Galixee Ent for the Studio time.

MIEone DWI Crew

Thursday, December 6, 2012

In teh spirit of teh holidays

imma drop 2 more off the new album

checkem out, enjoy and happy holidays, New album "Foundation" to be out soon.

MIEone DWI Crew

MIEone - Shuga Dub Faery

MIEone Making Xmas

Saturday, December 1, 2012


just in case anyone is interested i do make CD's if u want a compilation album or whatever, i also make mixtapes so if u want a bunch of songs dj'd together i take requests.

If it requires a CD being sent i charge only $5 and thats to cover shipping if u just want an MP# file i can always email it to you. also while on teh subject i was looking through old posts and i see some stuff is missing if you want anything that was in an old post (from before i switched to soundcloud) just ask me and i'll send it along.

Also since youtube is teh suck and i never had intention nor do now to make $ off this video if anyone wanna see teh banned skream vid lemme know i'll email it to you..

for any requests hit me up @

that includes for gigs  and such.

1 more thing I've been doing a bunch of remixes lately to experiment with some ideas so if u have any ideas for a remix u wanna hear lemme know and maybe i'll take a stab at it. however i don't do new music as i cant afford royalties and such yet.