Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This beat is....

MIEone Ft. Jae Swaggs - Dance Party

New track is...um...experimental...heavy on teh mental...hope u like it, it's kinda long but gotta love what Swaggs did at the end...

MIEone DWI Crew

Monday, May 30, 2011

~ DJ HazMat ~ Spinning Live at McCarthy's Pour House - Saturday, June 4 at 10:00pm


Click link below for details:


MIEone DWI Crew

Saturday, May 28, 2011

U need people like me....

MIEone Ft. Spaz - The Bad Guy

This somehow started as a Celtic sample we were gonna make house...yeah...enjoy, feelin teh DnB Lately...

Special thanks to Jae Swaggs for EQing this track, mastered by a master...

MIEone DWI Crew

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

SO lets take a Beatles song and turn it into a Dark Drum and Bass / Jungle Track...

MIEone - Gangster

Sample from the Beatles - Come Together

Been wanting to do something with this for a long time...finally did...so whatcha think?

And that's my lil girl doin up her music thing in the pic....

MIEone DWI Crew

Monday, May 23, 2011

A live one shot DJ mixx...guess who has a song featured on this mixx?

DJ Cloud Kicker - S.K.A.K

So my lil bro Alboblaster has staretd DJ'ing and has put togetehr a mixx that I would like to share. He has finally decided on a DJ name....DJ Cloud Kicker
And for anyone curious S.K.A.K. = Super Knockout Attack Kangaroos....

Oh and if you notice he mixxed in "Jack Ya Body" by the one the only MIEone....lol


1 MORE Thing...that's his Arm and his tattoo in teh pic...
MIEone DWI Crew

Another old one.....Enjoy

MIEone - Jack Ya Body

This ones more Hardkore than anything but...yeah..you listen and tell me....

MIEone DWI Crew

From front to back, back to front, bboys unite...

MIEone - Jungle Hedz

Another one I did years ago....

MIEone DWI Crew

Can't spell Jungle with out Jun G....and thats me!

MIEone - Drum N Bazz Ripper

This was done like 7-9yrs ago, I found it and liked it figured I'd throw it up as I haven't thrown any music out there in a few days...working on something that can wind up being real cool....Enjoy

MIEone DWI Crew

Friday, May 20, 2011

No music in this post...however I thought this was just too funny to let die...

Dude requested that his name be censored....

###### says:
* i told a girl: im like a cupcake, i will go straight to your ass.
slapped the shit out of me

MIEone says:
*no you didnt
##### says:
*i most certainlty did
*that isnt the first time a girl has slapped me
MIEone says:
* thats win
* ur awesome
* lol
##### says:
*she was thick
*new rule
*only use the line on skinny girls
MIEone says:
* hahhaha
* double win
* where can i post this convo
* this is too good to not be seen
##### says:
MIEone says:
*matter of fact im posting on my blog
##### says:
*censor my name

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tablez get turned... or Tables will turn...or get a new DJ...or.....

Vocals - Foxy Brown Ft. Baby Cham - Tables Will Turn
Beat/Mixing - MIEone DWI Crew

I decided to make a New Dubstep track tonight..fail. Instead I got side tracked and made a reggae beat...so I tehn decided to add some flavor to it and throw it on teh site by mixing some Foxy and Baby Cham over it. holla.

MIEone DWI Crew

Movies, Samples, and Music...oh my

MIEone - Sin-Ima

New track started sad, then... I dunno... I cant focus on one thing i have to keep it moving, this may be teh beginning of SwitchStyle....

Picture of/by Samurai Gunz...Good looks lil bro

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Lil Something For TEH HardKore Hedz...

MIEone and ALBOBLASTER AKA DJ Cloud Kicker - Project H K 13

Broke Night Yet Again...This time I was influenced by my other lil brother ALBOBLASTER. Long distance colaborations can infact work...lol
Much Love to Chris for the pic of the city from the BKNY Waterfront



MIEone DWI Crew

Monday, May 16, 2011

Dammit Jun, I'm a Rapper not a singer....

MIEone - The Past

OK First and formost I'm not a singer so cut me some slack. I just felt this song needed some feeling behind it so i tried ...lol

Much respect to Xs Studio for makin the beat
Also Much respect to my lil bro Samurai Gunz for teh dope pic

MIEone DWI Crew

Sunday, May 15, 2011

And now for something completely different....

Vocals - Ying Yang Twins ft Mike Jones - BADD
Beat/Mixing - MIEone DWI Crew

Well i figured I'd throw another mix out there, again my beat, this one has the Ying-Yang Twins on it. Again see below for teh Vid:
YouTube Vid

MIEone DWI Crew

25,000+ HITS ON YOUTUBE CAN"T BE WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!

Vocals - Trina Ft Lil' Wayne- Dont Trip
Beat/Mixing - MIEone DWI Crew

25,370 as of this moment to be exact....LMAO

So i made this beat awhile ago and mixed some Lil Wayne and Trina over it, hope ya'll like it.

When you're done listening, scroll down and check teh youtube video I made for this one.


MIEone DWI Crew

And the censored version.....

MIEone -Tablez Get Turned (Censored)

MIEone DWI Crew

Everybody learns when teh Tablez Get turned

MIEone - Tablez Get Turned

Here's a story bout 3 teens. These 3 teens were from Queens and teh mean streets of NYC need to eat, so the beast sees these 3 teens, 3 green eyes gleam, teeth wet saliva leak, they dont stand a chance, situation bleek, meat is what teh streets see, so guess who became the feast....

MIEone DWI Crew

MORE TECHNO! you gonna like this one....

MIEone -Lysergic Acid Diethylamide

This is a journey on LSD
Many things you see tonight will be new
Dont be afraid
Just go with teh beat
We have already begun
Stage 1 The wait
Stage 2 The build up
Stage 3 It hits you
Stage 4 The peak
Time passes and you lose track of it
This Acid world seems like magic
Stage 5 The Comedown
stage 6 The Second Wind
Stage 7 It is Finally Over

MIEone DWI Crew

Saturday, May 14, 2011

So i don't have a cable on me, and i only have Techno on my thumb drive...

MIEone - Jun's Tunez

...so tho i want to put up some more Hip-hop here's more techno for now....and on that note I'm out till i get to teh crib...enjoy

MIEone DWI Crew

For teh kiddies...LMAO

MIEone DWI Crew - Whatcha Gun Do? (Censored)

...In case anyone's interested...

MIEone DWI Crew

YO MIE! I thought you said you spit? Where's the Hip-Hop at?

MIEone - Whatcha Gun Do?

Yeah I know new blog and I'm talking about being a Rapper but all I got is some Techno up.... well here you go!

Special thanks to my man Y-O at Why Oh Wee Studios for teh beat and recording

Extra special to my boy JaeCee AKA DJ Hazmat, who without I would have never met Y-O and tehrefore this track wouldn't exist.

BTW Special Plug DJ HAZMAT PLAYING @ Gloria's 151 in Newburgh, NY SATURDAY MAY 21, 2011!
Details @ below link

DJ HazmatNY

MIEone DWI Crew

More Techno.....go ahead and dance already

MIEone - Switcheroo

This one was originally called "Dubsteppin", however, tho my intent was to make a dubstep track i did not, instead i got this awesomeness and changed teh name. Again this one is not EQ'd and i sue lots of bass, make sure you watch your volume.

MIEone DWI Crew

MIEone's Boom Room Presents... The Dubsteppers

X's Studio, JaeSwaggs, MIEone - The Dubsteppers
This track was made by my boys and I. Much respect to X's Studio, and JaeSwaggs for helpin with this dope beat. These 2 are masters of their craft. Warning this is still not EQ'd and has LOTS of bass, be considerate to your neigbors, speakers and ears when playing this one. Enjoy, More to come

MIEone DWI Crew

Monday, May 9, 2011

Introductions are in order

sup sup yall MIE here so this page is about me, if u couldnt tell already. its in its infancy so bear with me while i get it together. ill be posting music here soon (prolly tonight) so check back often.
Also clcik the ads get your boy paid a lil extra something something...

anyway so yeah i make beats, DJ, MC, make techno (from scratch) so if u have any requests remixes etc hit me up and ill see what i can do

My team is teh DWI Crew and we are in full effect, if i cant do it one of us can.

Also most all of teh beats here are in their RAW FORM i haven't EQ'd them but i may reupload at somepoint after they are done and CD's are made.

Holla atcha boy
The Darkness In The Light AKA MIEone DWI Crew