Thursday, June 30, 2011


Ok so i re-uploaded and tested everything is back up and working perfect. Anyone notice an issue please hit me on my facebook ASAP so i can fix it.

Also don't forget DJ Hazmat is playing EVERY Saturday night Details below:
DJ Hazmat
Ignore teh date, it's a weekly event.

MIEone DWIcrew

Sex Drugs and Hip-hop....

Since i been gone so long figured i'd bless you with another hip-hop track, did this one like 4 yrs ago in my boy Probyn Proof's Studio. Hope Ya'll Diggs.

MIEone - Jibberish

MIEone DWI Crew

NEw Tunes Whilst you wait for me to finish Maintenance...

So since I uploaded everything already here's my newest track..."The Sickness"hope this keeps ya'll busy till I'm Done with Maintenance. Enjoy.

Are you afraid of teh boogie monster?

MIEone - The Sickness

MIEone DWI Crew

Just noticed that Hulkshare deleted all my songs....

so i gotta reupload em all, I already uploaded them just have to tag em etc. will get on that ASAP. Also got a new song for ya'll (that's how i found out my shit got deleted) but yeah i'll have that fixed before teh weekend, plus some new tunes. sorry for teh delay ya'll, making big moves currently. Recently DJ'd a Party in NYC and decided that until this music stuff kicks off that's what I'm gonna do. Going by "A.K.A. Jun" as my DJ name so if you see it hit the party I'll be banging as always... Well I'll be at it soon people holla!

MIEone DWI Crew

Monday, June 20, 2011


OK ALL I FINISHED TEH TECHNO CD.... "Music for deaf people... FEEL TEH BASS!!!"

So i'm flippin them for a $5 donation to support the music and teh making of it, so hit me up if you want one. First 20 people to order I'll give you a second signed copy to throw in a safe incase i become famous and that shit gets worth

Also on the CD It's gonna be an audio disc but if you pop it in teh computer it has all teh album art and a tracklist.

Anyone in teh NYC area I'll be in Queens on Saturday June 25 so lemme know I'll just Bring em to ya. Anyone in my area you know where i am holla. Anyone outside of the NYC Area toss me an Email (MIEONEDWICREW@GMAIL.COM) with your address and i'll mail you one.

Taking a few days break then back on teh grind. New music to come soon...

MIEone DWI Crew

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Sorry i haven't been posting all. Been madd busy with life and EQing this damn so i finished. however in doing my final listen i found i failed and deletyed a part by mistake so yeah nee dto fix that, wasnt home last night so couldnt do it then. should be done by tonight. tomorrow i buy blanks and hopefully by Tuesday I'll have some for sale. $5 hit me up if you want one just leave a comment here or hit me on FB.

But yeah as soon as i finish this CD its on to the next one so expectmore music very soon.

MIEone DWI Crew

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


JaeSwaggs Ft. MIEone - DeadWho5?

So yeah sorry haven't been posting Music, been trying to EQ the album so i can have it ready for everyone....almost done. Anyway in teh mean time JaeSwaggs came over to help EQ teh other night, he wound up doing this as well and I went ahead and finished it off in the SwitchStyle way....This is a preview off teh next album.

MIEone DWI Crew