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New Old Shit

So I decided to record a few songs, not my best engineering but im kinda rusty so dont hate =P
None of teh beats are mine (except teh remix of teh craig pitcher song)  so just throwing that out there, all credits are on teh sound cloud files. Not much more to say, hope yall like it, enjoy


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MI who?

yeah i know i been gone madd long well i had something happen to me, its called life lol
well imma cut the crap n get to it, heres a few i been workin on, enjoy


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Joker 2113 document

Hey i realize its kinda har dto read teh joker story based on teh way teh site formatted it (Backwards) and the writing is a lil harsh  if anyone would like a copy feel free to email me and ill be glad to send you a copy.

Also if you guys like this i got a few Zombie stories i wrote... just lemme know


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Joker 2113 (Part 6/Conclusion)

October 29, 2113
Braddox had a meeting to attend at 10am, plenty of time to take care of the things he needed to do as Batman, get home, shower, and drive into the City, yet he was still 15 minutes late currently and at least another 7 minutes away. He called Mr. Hanzo-Son twice with no answer. Good Maybe he was running late too. He wished he could have driven the Batcycle he discovered this morning when he returned from his investigation. Damn that thing looked fast. No time for that now. He finally arrived at the park. Mr. Hanzo-Son insisted that they meet outside as he was one with nature. Over the phone he had said "The confines of an office building I can get anywhere. I want to experience the natural parts of Gotham, do you know of any park?" Bruce's immediate thought was MidPark Center. They had a wide open field for football, soccer, etc. and they had a trail if Mr. Hanzo felt up for a nature walk. Brad entered the park Briefcase in hand. Suit and tie, and running shoes. "Shit!" He thought to himself. He was about to turn around and go back to his car when he saw Mr. Hanzo-Son in a pair of Adidas sweatpants and an Ekko Hoody. Brad couldn't help but smile even with all that was going on. " Mr. Hanzo-Son, how are you?" He turned around to face Brad. His face was a tortured smile, his eyes deep red from burst capillaries. His throat still convulsing from his past laughing fit. Just then Braddox noticed that Mr. Hanzo-Son was not controlling himself he was being manipulated by strings that seemed to come from his wrist. no, not strings, were those his veins?!? In fact they were, a Giant laughing Clown formed from the clouds. "What’s the Matter Wayne? IS this guy too high strung  for you? AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHA. The mouth got wider and took over the entire face. It opened wide and came towards Brad closing in on him, he panicked. He curled up in the fetal position. The mouth enclosed around him. Just as his head was about to be nipped off by this giant mangled yellow tooth.....he woke up. He was still trembling. 9:15am, He wasn't going to make his real meeting.
Rose was experimenting with her new found abilities, no not abilities, POWERS, all night. she found that she didn't need sleep anymore. All she needed was some sunlight in the morning and she was as refreshed as everyone else. Throughout the night she was fiddling with her abilities trying anything she could think of. In lieu of last night situation with Ed, she decided to try and stay on Joker's good side. She discovered a way to create unnatural hybrid plants and speed grow them. When she handed Joker the daisy he was pretty unimpressed until she had it open its mouth. It looked like a Venus flytrap with daisy petals around its head like aliens mane, only thing is this plant had real teeth. They looked sharp. Joker was definitely impressed. "Joker, you can talk to me through this guy if you need to. Also he spits. You can give him anything, acid, fear gas, hell you could give him gasoline. He is tough enough to handle any chemical without issue. just pet him here to let him know to spit." Joker kept the lapel flower Vic made for him but this was wholly more impressive. "You can also give him commands. For example if batman is too close to you, you can have him bite if need be." Joker was indeed impressed. "Rose I like the way you think, this was a very thoughtful gift and I must say an impressive one at that. You're tops kiddo. I guess for you we'll have to paint this town green instead of red hahahhahahaa."
Brad hurried to Midpark Center over by RamsFeild, for real this time. Mr. Hanzo-son was in the same spot, in the same clothes as in Brad's dream. curious. He checked his own clothing. Unlike in his dream he decided to be prepared and dress in a track suit and sneakers. This wasn’t a dream...right? no it couldn't be. "So Mr. Wayne-Son Let us conduct our business while out for light jog." Brad Snapped out of it, "of course Mr. Hanzo-Son"  Mr. Hanzo-son looked very grave for a moment as he spoke his next few words "Mr. Hanzo-Son is my father call me Hattori" His stone cold poker face looked back. Wayne felt very uncomfortable for a moment then Hattori smiled big, for a moment too big and it stretched across his face like in Brad's dream. His eyes went all bloodshot the same as in the dream also. "Mr. Wayne-son?..." Brad snapped out of it. A bead of sweat was rolling down his forehead. He saw a very confused Hattori Hanzo looking back at him "...are you alright?" Brad  nodded "Yes sorry, late night, let us continue..."  they began their jog.
Krane was in his lab when the Joker Burst in unannounced as usual. "BRAIN MY BOY! How's things coming along?" Krane Hated when Joker called him Brain. Joker seemed very enthusiastic about Krane's Experiments since Rose gave him his new lapel flower. "So who's next? and whatcha gonna do to them? oh i know let’s make Deuce a werewolf or something to play on his name that way he has 2 personalities, or OOOH OOH I KNOW DO A JEKYL AND HYDE THEMED MUTATION! This is such fun.” ‘The joker clapped his hands together merrily like a school child who was allowed ice cream after dinner. Krane looked at him with disgust hidden behind fear. "Sir, I was going to attempt something like that on Alucard. I think that between what happened with Bayne and the way he gets all big when he's angry  combined with the animal DNA that i infused with cat i think i can make Alucard turn into a Man-Bat-Thing on command. If I’m correct that is." Joker looked back at him, the look on his face said "I don't know" but his normal air of apathy made his mouth say "Sure I don't care" He raised Alucard on the Comlink "Alucard You're up buddy time for some super powers, come up to Krane's lab."
Brad lay in the middle of the park shaking in a fetal position whimpering like a hurt and lost puppy. Hattori called the ambulance but they were taking very long. He was trying to get Braddox to talk but Brad just kept repeating "Clowns in the park, clowns gonna eat me..." He sounded like a child. There were no clowns in sight which very much confused Hattori. The ambulance arrived and tried to speak with Brad, but they were left to the same inane ravings that Mr.Hanzo-Son got. "Let's get him in the bus and sedate him" The paramedic turned to Hattori "Is he normally like this? does he take any medication? Do you know..." He was cut off by his partner "Hey Barry, this is that guy, the millionaire guy that owns pretty much everything in Gotham" Barry looked closely into Brad's face. “Holy shit you're right, that's Braddox Wayne, c'mon let's get him to the hospital." They loaded Brad into the back, closed up the doors and sped off Lights and sirens blaring. Hattori stood there still confused. He called his limo driver.
Joker stood in the meeting room. All his "Minions" were in attendance minus Krane and Alucard who were attending to other matters in the lab. "Well crew here it is, in 2 days my master plan will unfold and all of Gotham will bow before us. Till then we need more supplies. Bayne, I want you and Kat to break into Wayne Bio-Technics and steal me the nastiest thing you can find, Kat Make sure whatever he takes there is an inoculation for so we can't get sick from it, when you're done there meet us at the Gotham Water Reservoir. Deuce, I want you to lead the rest of the crew into the water reservoir and take that shit over. Wait for Bayne and Kat and My command. Rose, you Harley and I have to go take care of something at the base of the dam that holds the water in the reservoir. Are we all clear enough to handle this? Any questions?" Deuce raised his hand, Joker shot him in his good eye killing him instantly, "Clearly you weren't paying attention, Vic you're in charge, everyone clear?" They all nodded. Joker was too close to his goal to have to be repeating himself. One less throne to share as he saw it. As far as he was concerned Deuce taught them all enough hand to hand combat to get along, he was useless now anyway, besides soon they would all have super powers...
Barry burst into the ER with Brad on a stretcher. "We got a poison victim. He owns this hospital so i suggest you get to him quick." A Nurse recognized Brad from a picture on one of the waiting room magazines. She rushed to the stretcher. "What kind of poison?" she inquired. "No idea, tox screen in the bus showed an unknown toxin in his system, when we arrived on scene he was curled in a fetal position mumbling something about clowns. He was sweating profusely so we sedated him and ran a tox screen." They rushed him to the dialysis room to "scrub” his blood and hopefully remove the toxin.
Krane hoped he was right. If this worked Alucard would have the ability to fly which would be a great asset to the team. If he was wrong he was sure Joker would kill him. Joker didn't seem to value life, only utility. "Ok Al step in the chamber and we'll get started. When you get in put on that mask and imma seal you in. You will be able to hear me over the speaker in the mask.” Alucard did as he was told without speaking a word. The Chamber closed and sealed. It filled with neon liquid. "Nod if you can hear me." Alucard nodded "Good, ok this may itch a lil and sting a bit but it'll be over in 12 minutes just hang on and don't freak out no matter what you feel." Krane pushed a button which poured several liquids in the chamber where Alucard stood motionless. Finally Krane walked up to the vat and dropped a bat wing in it. The Batwing dissolved. A red cloud overtook the tank. When it cleared Alucard stood there the same as before. He looked different. Krane drained the tank of the neon goo that was now stained red. Alucard's eyes were blood red, the pupils were huge like he was tripping on L.S.D. His skin was pale. He almost looked Vampiric. Krane opened the chamber. Alucard stepped out of the tank. Up close Krane could see he was a foot taller and skinnier as well. He still looked human other than his eyes. With sunglasses he would look like he was just in dire need of a tan. "Can you change form?" Alucard looked at Krane. Krane was scared, Alucard looked very animalistic in his demeanor. Without a word he spread wings and took off. It worked. He 2 wayed Joker to let him know.
"HE CAN WHAT!?!? Spectacular, send him over" Joker decided this was the best day ever. Nothing could spoil it. "Har! Get this Al can fly, Brain gave him bat powers, how fuckin cool is that?" Harley looked unimpressed. "Puddin, what are you planning here? I think i get most of it but..." Joker cut her off as Krane was paging him again "One sec toots, i really gotta take this...Yellow? Send Vic back? will do, you're going to what? Oh my god, Krane u just saved me the trouble of bringing one of those tubes to the dam. You fuckin rock socks kiddo, keep up the good work." He disconnected from Krane and raised Vic on the mic. "Vic, i need you to go back to the base. Krane has a surprise for you." He clicked off his mic. "Sweeet, so babes what were ya saying?" Harley gave him that look that says i hate you "Nevermind."
It was late when they let him go home, but he was of sound mind, for  the most part, and he was technically their boss so the doctors couldn't stop him when Brad decided it was time  to leave. Other than the toxin they found nothing wrong with him. Since being released from the ER Brad was still having "Wakemares" but they were less intense and he could keep them in check. The nanobots helped with that as did the dialysis. The doctors told him to go home and get some rest. For once he was going to take someone’s advice. He needed rest before he could go toe to toe with Joker again. He was having a hard time telling the difference between what was real and what wasn't. A good night’s rest would give the nanobots the time to rid his body of what the dialysis hadn't.

October 30, 2113
Brad ddin't sleep. He spent most of teh night in the Batcave analyzing the eveidence he found at all the scenes. Nothing matched. The riddles made no sense. They also seemed to have stopped. Each crime was executed differently. Joker had assembled aq team, but the manner in which they did this was so erretic. they kidnap several boys from a  detention facility, then 2 girls fromanother one,possibly  a nurse that went missing the same day, they break into 2 separte Wayne facilities, steal several massive jars from one and torch the other.  “What the hell is he planning?” Brad said aloud.
Joker was up for hours before the crew. Tonight was a tradition Joker had waited his entire youth to enjoy the way they did a century ago...Hell Night.  The night before halloween. The night of all tricks and no treats. He had slept at the Water Reservoiur with Harley while Rose kept watch, as she doesn't sleep anymore. Bayne was also on standby napping away incase they needed some muscle. The Ex-emplopyees of the resivoiur would have slept fairly comfortably had it not been for that one mouthy motehr fucker. Joker decided last night to start beleiving in “Guilty by association” so he made them all stand barefoot outside naked on a bed of broken glass all night. He kept them standing by tying a rope around their necks so if they fell asleep they would choke themselves to death. To make things interested he forced them all to take a pill at random. Some were rat poison in capsules, some were aspirin, some were Ecstacy, and some were sleeping pills. Joker put all the pills in a sack , shook them up and randomly gave one to each of his hostages. “Well let's see which of our lucky contestants made it to the next round shall we?” he said to Harley as he woke her. She woke up with a smile. Her seductive clown make up smeared from rough sex and drooling in her sleep. She put on a see through nightgown and  joined Joker in the walk to the balcony outside the control room where all the smokers would go for breaks. Lined up was every employee that was in attendance the day and night before stripped and hanging.”Well well, Look Har, we have some  real fighters don't we?” He faced the “winners”, “Seems you four are the only ones to have survived. Well, that means you get to go onto round 2.” That evil grin engulfed his face.
Midafternoon rolled a round and Vic showed at the Reservoir looking exactly the same as before. “Vic?” Joker was puzzled. “I thought Krane had a surprise for you?” Vic smiled for t eh first time that Joker could rememebr since he met him. “Oh he did, see Krane is a genius, a pretty good inventor, but not much of an engineer. He and I stayed up all night building a couple of things. Alucard is bringing my Freeze suit and Krane, Oz and Kat are on their way.” Joker was pleased. So far so good. “Hey Vic, I need one more thing from you, I need some way to attract the Bat here without havuing  to escape from a chase. Work on that will ya?” Joker grinned  the “innocent” grin of a child who just stole a cookie and lied to their parents about it. “I know just the thing...hey but first what the fuck's with all the mannequinns dressed  like clowns?” Joker looked around, “oh them? They're not mannquins, they're dead bodies...except those four, they're booby trapped hostages....oh yeah, stay away from them.” His grin never left his face.
Batman spent the better half of a the day hurt and hallucinating while looking for clues. He went over everything a million times and came up with nothing. He was weak mentally as  well as physically. The Nanites healed him alot but not fully. Since he remained active they had a hard time repairing certain tissue and the gas was still affecting him. He was also having a hard time staying awake. He decided that he HAD to sleep at this point it was no longer a choice. “Computer take me home.” It was only 9:30PM but when he got home he didn't even make it to his room. He slept in his Batsuit on the couch in his study. Joker himsef could stand on Brad's head and he wouldn't wake up.
“OK BOILS AND GHOULS! Tonight is hell Night. I Need several people to come with me and help me wreak as much havoc as possible. However I need some of you to stay here and watch over things make sure the Bat doesn't fuck us over if he finds us early.”  Vic and Krane both volunteered to stay, Vic because he had work to do, and Krane because he needed to find hiding spots and get Vic to make remote light controls for the whole buildng. Joker asked         Bane, Alucard and Oz to stay behind. “You know what guys, you got your “toys”, Imma take the ladies out for a special Hell Night treat.” Kat, Rose and  Harley all linked arms with Joker and they went out to wreak havoc. Unbeknownst to them Batman was sleeping very heavily at the moment and would not be available to stop or even limit their chaos. They burned churches, old folks homes, and a hospital. Then when the Firemen were out dealing with those fires they set the fire house on fire. They flipped and burned cars. Lawn gnomes were Joker's  favorite thing to destroy. After about the fifth one he decided to collect a bunch and destroy them all at once in a glorious bonfire. They stole every lwan gnome they could find in a 10 block radius and stashed tehm in the middle of a nearby park. When they were finished teh robbed a near by gas station for gas, money, ciggarettes, beer, eggs, toilet paper, and Harley wantd a ring pop. They returned to the park got drunk, set fire to the gnomes, and tehn went around  TP'ing and Egging every house for about 4 blocks before they ran out of TP and eggs.
October 31, 2113
Joker Stood atop the damn . One would think he was going to jump. Most wish he would. He was just enjoying the breeze, the quiet before the storm. Harley was freaking out that he was going to fall, or slip or something terrible. Alucard was watching him as requested. With his new powers even if Joker did fall Alucard would turn into his Man bat form and catch Joker mid-air. Joker didn't care anyway, he believed he was invincible. So far nothing could stop him. Today was the day he would make Gotham bend to his whim and make him their king. Today they would see this new Joker as the True Clown Prince of Crime. No. He was not a mere prince. He was the Dark Clown KING of Gotham City, or at least he would be by tonight. He made sure to inoculate the entire crew and himself to the highly toxic bacteria. He didn't want to have anyone so near and dear to him come down with an illness. He laughed at that thought. He had Alucard watching from the sky, and Rose was watching the ground from the eyes of her new "Watcher plants" she had create last night. She was also holding back her Tree from tearing the damn open. Vic was keeping the Bacteria on Ice to keep it from infecting the water before the time was right. Kat was patrolling the parts around the dam where Rose could not plant her "babies" without compromising the integrity of the dam. Bayne was guarding Harley in the Main control room where she watched Joker and worried. Oz patrolled the hallways of the Water facility and Krane was lurking in the shadows praying he had a chance to test the suit he and Vic built. Everything was falling into place. Joker spent all day on top of the dam. When he finally faced Harely from his suicidal location, it was almost night time. He signaled Harley to shine the Batsignal Vic had made into the darkening sky. Now to attract the bat.
Batman had been on patrol for about most of the morning investigating the fires from the night before. When he saw the piles of Lawngnomes he knew it had to be Joker. He spent about 3   hours at the site of the charred gnomes looking for clues when he saw a spot light in  he sky that bore the insignia he had on his chest. He knew it had to be Joker. "Computer, take me to the source of that spotlight." The Batmobile spun a 360 turn and shot off in the direction of the Water reservoir. It was getting dark but Batman preferred that. When he arrived darkness had set in. He saw a figure atop the damn. He quickly and quietly made his way past several minions. Little did he know that Joker ordered all his minions to ignore Batman so that he could deal with Bats himself. When he got close he saw Joker standing on the dam. He quietly crept in the shadows to try and sneak up on Joker. Harley shone a spotlight right on him. He stood up from his crouching position. Joker turned to face him. They both stood atop the dam where joker had stood earlier enjoying the breeze. "So Bats, you like my lil plot? Pretty creative huh?" Batman stood silent as ever. "You know it's really impolite to ignore me. Or are you a mute? HAHAHHA..." Batman lunged and grabbed Joker. Batman had Joker by the throat. He was not like the old Batman, he had no issue killing Joker for the sake of the city being safe. He was after all their guardian. Had he been a knight and joker a dragon there would be no question as to what had to be done. Joker was trying to say something. Batman loosened his grip against his own better judgment. "You know Bats it's not polite to create something and then just throw it away when you're done" That was the second time Joker had insinuated that his creation was Batman's fault. "What the hell are you talking about?" He questioned. Joker smirked and attempted to let out a laugh but batman constricted around his throat again. That smile never left joker's face "Awww, you hurt my feelings bats, you're telling me you don't remember that night back when you wore the Halloween costume of the original bat. HAHA, you weren’t even a super hero then you were merely a kid not much older than me thinking he could fight crime. What happened Bats someone take your candy and you vow to never remove the suit? AHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHAHA!" Batman choked him harder again. "You made me" Joker gasped "whether you choose to believe me or not you did and you will now have to deal with me I suppose" Joker touched the lapel flower he had. Its middle part opened to reveal a mouth, before batman could react it spit something at him. The instant it hit his mask he knew what it was. Acid. It began eating away at his mask. He dropped joker and removed his mask. "AHAHAHAAHHA, REALLY? Braddox Wayne? O-M-G Bats could you be anymore cliché?" Batman knew he had to kill Joker for sure now, he knew his secret. "Uh oh, what’s that look bats? You’re really gonna do it huh? well get on with it but know one thing, I am pretty delusional so no one will believe me, also I will forget your face in time, but’ll remember mine the rest of your life" Joker produced a gun he had up his sleeve the entire time. He took advantage of batman's exposed head and shot his directly between the eyes. Batman dropped to the ground cold. "AHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA, I did it, I KILLED TEH BAT! AHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA......" He cackled loudly for a few minutes, then it actually hit him "I killed the what?" his laughing stopped. He stood there looking at Braddox until Harley came and grabbed him. "Puddin we have to leave NOW! The police are on their way." She grabbed him by the jacket and dragged him to the escape car. Sirens were blaring in every direction and they were getting louder.
November 1, 2113
Joker was depressed. His plan went off without a hitch. He escaped after killing the bat. He called the commissioner and demanded full reign over Gotham. He revealed his plan to destroy the dam and flood the city with bacteria infected water. They agreed to his demands with no fight. He was the new ruler of Gotham City. He managed to secure the city and even the government accepted his new status of Royalty. He won. Yet he felt empty inside. He lay in his bed clenching the mask of his late arch nemesis. Harley was worried about him she tried to talk to him but he didn't handle sadness quite as well as other emotions. He got angry. Harley mentioned the late batman and he slapped her. She was shocked; he had not yet raised a hand to her. She was hurt more emotionally than physically. Joker returned to his previous state of self pity and placed his head in his palms again. He bore a permanent smile but he did not feel it anymore. He was no longer happy, he was no longer delusional. He was very aware of his surroundings. Everything was so surreal. More than half his life had been dedicated to becoming this character from a comic book. He did the one thing the original couldn't. He disposed of his nemesis. This left him empty inside. He knew not what to do with himself any longer. Then the pain started. His hear hurt. At first he actually thought it was raw emotion. Then he felt the warm sticky liquid dripping down his back. He removed his hands from his face and stood up. He looked in the mirror and there it was. His favorite dagger was plunged into his back stabbing him directly in the heart. "What are the odds?" was all he could think. When he saw Harley standing there blood dripping from her hands and sprayed across her face he smiled again, one last time. HE started to walk towards her, began stumbling his way over and then collapsed inches from her feet. Harley was crying "Why puddin, why? Why did you have to hit me? I vowed long ago to never let a man strike me and get away with it. I loved you." She began full on bawling. She screamed "ILOVED YOU!" between sobs. She went over to his body and removed the dagger. She flipped his body and held him. Joker’s eyes opened wide. He grabbed her throat and applied as much pressure as he could. He successfully crushed her windpipe. She was pinned under his weight and couldn't move, he cackled a low menacing laugh. His laugh continued until Harley stopped gasping for air. They both died within the same second. When the crew found them later they didn't know what to do. They had been mutated, trained, and instilled with joker's sick sense of life. They looked at each other and without a word went their own ways to wreak havoc on the unsuspecting, and unprotected citizens of Gotham. Maybe they would cross paths again, but would they be friend or foe. Only the time will tell.

Joker 2113 (Part 5)

October 28, 2113
Inside Harley was just as evil as Joker, she just didn't know it at that time. Once joker explained the situation to her she knew exactly who could accommodate the needs of the crew. She informed Joker on the weak Justice system of the Juvenile Facility and how she knew of some deserving girls. "So Harley you say there are 5 girls in there that you can get out and into our clutches, no kidnapping needed? I swear toots I really could love you HAHHAHAHHAA!" Joker cackled at how simply this plan was going to go down. "Ok Har, let's get this plan into action." Joker and Harley held hands like a highschool couple as they skipped to the Van. In the past few hours she took a big liking to Joker. He really wasn't a bad guy inside, he was evil as Satan himself, but he treated her nicely and said sweet things. She was also very attracted to his ruthless nature towards everyone else other than her. For this plan of hers only needed her and him to go off without a hitch. They drove to the Girls center. "Ok Puddin, so you're going to park around back in the bushes while I go inside and round them up. Hide in the bushes and clip a hole in the fence and just wait. Make sure you put your hood up as to not freak them out." Harley pulled on her Lab coat and got out her ID Badge. Joker dropped her off in front of the Facility and road around back the long way so he wouldn’t be seen. Harley walked up to the front gate "Hey Tom, how you doing?" She waved at the security guard as she went in. She walked through these corridors every day for the last 6 months. Today would be her last. "Damn I never got to give my 2 weeks" She mused to herself. When she got to the cafeteria she started asking around. "Hey have you seen Anya today?" blank faces and shaking heads was all she was met with. She decided to check the garden as she knew Anya and her crew liked to smoke cigarettes there when no one was watching. "Well well well, you know the rules about smoking Anya, you’re not even legal to do it yet." She took the cigarette out of Anya’s hand and took a drag. Harley had never smoked in her life, until now. "Oh c'mon Nurse Harley, how you gonna do that and take a drag too, daymn." Harley smiled and gave it back. "Look I been reading your file. I don't think you or your friends should be here. I have a plan I’m gonna help you escape." Anya looked puzzled."Reals, let's do this." Anya was ready to go. Harley pointed at the fence where she saw Joker yesterday taking pictures "Ok go over there, there should be a hole clipped into the fence, go through  it and you'll be outside, then you see those bushes over there? well there should be a Van parked there, get in it and the driver will drive you into the city where he will let you off and you’re on your own from there. He has some money and regular clothes for you." Anya and her crew barely let Harley finish her sentence before they bolted for the hole in the fence. The 5 girls slipped through the hole and dashed to the bushes. They found the van and got in the back. Joker was sitting there hood up. Hey ladies need a lift?" He stifled his laugh. He began driving out of the bushes and intentionally ran over a log. "Shit, that sounded like my tire, gimme one moment girls." He got out of the van. From his hoody pocket he produced a canister of knockout gas that Krane had made. He pulled the pin and threw it in the open windows. The smoke seeped out of the van like a Cheech and Chong movie. He heard a loud "HEY!" then 5 muffled THUDS. He waited for Harley and the van to clear out. He opened the side door and the rear door to let it air out quicker. Harley appeared, "Toots what have I been doing my whole life without you?" Harley smiled. She pulled from her pocket several sets of zip ties. They began cuffing the girls’ hands and feet.
When Anya awoke the boys had already had round one on her and her friends. Her whole lower half hurt like she had been put in  a blender from the waist down. Her nipples were sore. She looked down through watering eyes and saw she was naked. She looked around and there were 3 guys having sex with Jana while another group was doing something to Amy. Then she caught the eye of a  short chubby kid that waddled like a penguin when he walked. "Hey guys look that one's awake" The guys all turned their attention towards her. "Oohh now the real fun begins" Said the big one in a tank top. Form the other room all Joker and Harley heard was a blood curdling scream of "NOOOOOOOOOO!" Joker turned to Harley "Well I guess that means at least one of them is awake. Wow I should have went into porn with these guys instead of crime. They've been in there for 2 hours." Harley bore a smile evil enough to match Joker's "Too bad so sad, I always told Anya that one day they would get their come uppins, instead they're getting cummed on, I suppose that is about the same." She and joker laughed manically. Joker was ready to continue his master plan. Halloween was only a few days away. He walked into the room where the crew was. OK boys it's time to...holy hell what the fuck are you doing?" Joker was actually shocked at the position they had this poor girl in. They all stopped what they were doing and looked at Joker "You know what I don't care but if you break your toys I will not replace them so be careful, anyway c'mon wrap it up we got things to do." The guys dropped Anya on the floor like a brick. Her body hit the ground with a smack that sounded like a pimp slap times 50. They zipped up their pants and started to walk away. "Ah ah ah, what did I just tell you boys. Clean up your toys or I will take them away." The boys went and picked up the girls and dragged or carried them over to a wall that had hooks on it. Bayne hooked each of the girls up by their zip cuffs. When the boys had cleared out Kat walked in and strolled right up to Anya. "Hey bitch, now who's in control?" Kat smiled. Anya lifted her head but could not speak. Kat raked her long sharp nails across Anya's bare chest. Anya opened her mouth to scream but Kat grabbed her tongue before she could let out a sound "What's the matter? Kat got your tongue? HAHHAHA. Enjoy your break cause these boys didn't seem even close to done with you HAHAHHA...." She walked away and you could hear her laugh fading down the hall. When she walked in the room the whole crew was looking at Joker. She sat down next too Rose. Rose held her hand. "Ok kiddies, now that everyone is here Uncle Joker has some things to tell you. Ok First off, you lil fuckers better say thank you to Harley, we may be criminals but that's no reason to not have manners." The boys all said "THANK YOU!" in unison and then started clapping. Harley Curtsied like a princess and bowed her head. Joker pulled out a cartoon sized mallet and started to bang on the dilapidated desk he was using as a podium. "OK Ok simmer down, next we got a problem..." He pulled down a bed sheet revealing an enlarged picture of Batman "This is our problem. The Bat. Now my intention is to be a thorn in his side, and thanks to you guys so far so good, however, he is getting close. We need to do something, something BIG to keep his attention for a lil bit. And thanks to our newest recruits Kat and Rose we have a plan, so it's going down like this...."
Batman was pacing in the Batcave. "It's been 2 days and not a peep from this maniac, I don't trust it." He said to himself out loud. "Computer still no hit on that sample?" Computer pulled up the chemical makeup of some residue Batman found at the Boys detention facility. "Sample is a type of ink. It has chemical residue of aluminum on it. No other identifying properties have been found." Batman continued pacing, he contemplated calling Joker on the walkie talkie but he did not want to instigate that lunatic any further. BEEP BEEP BEEP. Computer started to blare an obnoxious beeping sound. "Police report another kidnapping. This one happened at the Gotham Girls Juvenile Facility. 7 Girls are missing. There doesn't seem to be any foul play however  with the other recent kidnapping from the boys’ facility this may not be a simple escape plan."
Batman didn't like this, Joker was taking Kids . What was he gonna do with them. Batman was very worried about the children and their safety. Joker seems very unstable and dangerous. Batman hopped in the Batmobile. "Computer, set course for Girls Facility, engage autopilot." The Batmobile took off. " I hate driving this thing out in Daylight but it’s too far to walk."
When Batman arrived he parked in the woods about a quarter mile away and walked through the forest to his intended goal. Along the way he scoped every bush tree and shrub. When he got to the detention facility he immediately saw the hole clipped in the gate. He used the suits zoom mode to get a closer look while remaining in the distance. there were police everywhere. From the corner of his eye he saw something in the bush to his right. He bent over and picked up a canister. It had a hand written "K" painted on it. He then also noticed the tire marks in the dirt. He took a dirt sample as it has some odd greenish chemical residue. He also took the Canister he found and some pictures of the tire tracks. "Hopefully these clues will lead me to this dirtbag." Batman could hear the police making their way over to the bush he was in. He was out like a flash of light into the woods.
"Joker?" Krane stood before Joker looking very timid yet pleased with himself. "I've been working on a mutation serum, I’ve tested it on some of the rats lingering around and well....I think you're gonna like the results." Joker was interested. Krane bid for him to follow and Joker did. When they got in Krane's Lab it was nothing like Joker had left it. All the beakers and tubes were in use. They all seemed to have some purpose. There were several rows of cages each filled with rats. Some of the rats looked malnourished and deformed, however some of them looked incredibly healthy, maybe too healthy. One was the size of a medium house cat. "Well as you can see test subjects AA-BE are flops, they have all sorts of side effects and deformities, however as you can see from my 3 pets here, my ZUES OMEGA formula works wonders now that it’s been perfected. I would like to start on human trials." Joker sat there poking the cage of the extremely large one. "Huh what ? oh yeah go ahead, you need some test subjects?" Krane looked at him indignantly. "No, I’ve done my testing and I’m sure it will work on humans I was just wondering if any of the boys wanted to volunteer." Joker took his attention from the Super rat. He glared at Krane like he was very upset "So let me get this straight, you're positive that this stuff will work on humans and to test it you wanna use one of your own crew?" Krane cowered before Joker. Joker got closer. His menacing stare subsided and a huge grin came over his face. "Sure go for it, let’s see who wanna do it." Joker walked past Krane and rang his watch buzzer. "Boys meet me by Krane’s Lab" He spoke into the watch. Within seconds the entire crew gathered in front of Krane's door. "Ok Boys, Brain, uh I mean Krane here says he has a formula that can transform you into SUPER VILLAINS, powers and all that, so now the big question is,....Who wanna go first?" They all looked at each other but no one spoke up. Then Bayne stepped up. "Fuck it I’m game, what kinda powers we talking here?" Krane piped up, "Depends on you. The Serum I made was meant to enhance your natural abilities, so it depends on person to person. However I have been able to splice DNA and give the rats abilities from other animals, for example my Ratfish...." Joker stepped in front of him and put his hand over his mouth. "Look bottom line he says it works and we need to try it out you in or what Bayne?" Bayne kept his natural demeanor of "just too cool to be here" and nodded. "Good, go with him and let’s see what he can do."
Krane and Bayne closed the door of the Lab. "Ok big guy, so you care about what exactly we gonna do or can we skip it and get to work?" Bayne, being a boy of few words just looked at Krane. "Right then let’s get started. Imma need ya to step in this enclosure." Krane pointed to something that resembles a large test tube, big enough for a human to stand in. Bayne complied silently as usual. When Krane closed the doors he could see a nervous shine in Bayne's eyes. Is the big guy really claustrophobic? Krane pondered this for a moment. Fear always intrigued him. He thought about his other experiment. soon enough for now he need to concentrate. Bayne stood there looking unphased, thought Krane saw differently. "Ok Big guy you ready? now you're gonna have to hold your breath a minute so take a big one then imma drop some liquid on you." Bayne sucked in a whole forests worth of oxygen. when he gave the thumbs up Krane dropped the putrid looking green liquid on him. Bayne just stood there. nothing happened. Krane was puzzled. Some sort of mutation should have been achieved. Krane went above Bayne to check the top of the large vial. He opened a small cover to take a sample of the goo. as he reached in to collect the sample a vial dropped out into the  goo. The cork immediately melted. "Oh shit" Krane had just dropped a whole lot of adrenaline into the tank. "Oh shit" He hopped off the giant tube. "Oh shit" he went to the controls and tried to drain the liquid inside. At this point Bayne was starting to struggle to hold his breath. “Don’t worry B, I'm working on it and ill have you out of there in a sec." Krane was lying through his teeth as the controls were not working. His computer froze. "Ohshit" he needed to reboot. at minimum that would be another 2 mins and 17 seconds before the computer rebooted and he pulled up the control program. Bayne was clearly losing air. He was panicking, All of a sudden he started to grow. He eventually capped out at 7ft.HA was struggling and thrashing about when his fist broke the Shatter proof glass. The big guy was REALLY BIG now. Bayne Gasped for air. He stood up and directed his attention at Krane. He grabbed Krane up by his throat.
"Puddin, they been in there awhile I’m starting to worry. you should go check on them." Harley had the look of a concerned mother. Joker rolled his eyes. "Fine, I’ll go check on....." He didn’t even have a chance to finish his sentence when he heard a crash from inside the room. Joker burst in the room to find some giant monster  lifting Krane by the throat off his feet into the air. "Why for ju tries to khiel meh huh?" Joker looked closer "Bayne?" Bayne turned to him and said "Joker dis lil egghet jus triet to drown meh?" Krane wiggled his legs in an attempt to get free but Bayne's grasp had the force of a crocodile's jaws. "It was an accident, the computer malfunctions." He wheezed through a half closed windpipe. Joker was still in awe of Bayne. He was HUGE! Jokers trademark wicked smile crept across his face like cat stalking prey. "Bayne my boy, You’re HUGE! Nerd boy over there did that for you, calm down and enjoy your new being." Bayne considered this.  he put Krane down and began to relax. He also began to shrink. "What the....Bayne is small again, well small for him, Brain what the fuck happened?" Krane looked just as shocked. A shoulder shrug was all he managed to reply with. Joker didn't even know how to reply to that so he did like he normally would when he was at a loss for words and instigated the situation. "You know what fuck Bayne you were right, he's useless go ahead and kill him, I mean he did try to drown you." At the mere mention of the drowning Bayne got furious again and sprung to his previous state of largeness. "Wait a second I got it, Bayne don't kill him, calm yourself again. Bayne stopped in his track "But Yoker, him has triet to khiel meh, you even says so..." Joker stopped him, "listen just trust me on this one. calm yourself. Hey egghead, why for him talk funny" Joker mocked Bayne's Russian caveman accent. Again Krane shrugged, but this time he had a theory. "All I can assume is that since he had to gain so much muscle mass so quick that his brain hasn’t had time to catch up." Bayne was back to his normal size. "Excellent" Joker said, "Ok let’s do the rest of the crew, hell I might step in there myself. HAHHAHAHA" Krane shook his head," Impossible, That hulking mass of person broke my administering chamber. imma need a new one. I was previously using one of the glass vats used for storing the soda made, alas twas the last." Joker was not happy about this. then he had an idea. "Ok c’mon group meeting." He B-Lined for the door. As he walked he called a meeting over the walkie watches. When he arrived at his quarters the entire crew was there, including normal Bayne who had followed him like a puppy the entre walk. "Ok boys...and Girls, sorry still getting used to that, ANYWAY, we need to put the previous plan on hold so we can get Krane some supplies so you can all have powers like Bayne over here." Deuce was the first to speak up "Well he don't look like he changed much to me... " Joker interrupted him,” watch this, Hey Bayne, Deuce over here said your mothers a dirty whore and he may actually be your dad" Bayne almost blew a fuse. He got a pulsating vein in his forehead and within seconds he grew tremendously. "Whoa Calm down, I was Just Kidding Bayne, I was just testing something. So it seems that whenever you get angry or stressed you become that thing that you become. anyway you were saying Deuce? HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA" Deuce stood there in silent awe of Bayne’s massive figured. Bayne Calmed himself down, and shrank back to his normal size again. "Ok kids, Krane needs some supplies, and with Bayne’s new found strength this should be cakewalk. Bayne, go take the last 2 rows of seats out of the school bus. Everyone else go to the school bus and pile in the front. Harley you can ride on my lap....HAHAHHAHAHA" Harley clapped like a school girl giggled and ran to the bus. Bayne had already torn out the seats when Harley arrived. She stood in front of the bus door like a school teacher herding her class for a field trip. The kids piled in as directed with Harley following and Joker bringing up the rear. He hopped in the driver’s seat and Harley Jumped on his lap. When they arrived at Wayne Enterprises Research lab Vic got out and scanned the building with some device he conjured up. He pointed to the side of the building "Bayne you need to break through the wall right there and continue breaking  through until you see a storage room with many of those giant glass tubes that you broke through earlier in Krane’s room." Bayne got out and did as he was instructed. Vic followed behind him. The rest of the crew armed their weapons and took position in the bus windows in case the bat showed up.
Krane stayed behind. He needed to figure out how exactly Bayne got the powers he did. The strength was no surprise, but the dramatic change in size was what astonished him. Not that Bayne got so big, that he knew would happen, though he did expect him to grow quite so large. What really astonished him was that Bayne could fluctuate between the 2. He also wanted to work on his fear formula. He almost had it perfected but Joker requested that he work on this mutation experiment first. Well before he has to get back to that he was going to finish his personal experiment. He had been working on this on paper for the past 2 years. With jokers assistance he finally had the means to make it happen. "That's it! Finished. now to test." He went to his test subjects’ area. He pulled a cat out. The cat was vicious. He made sure to grab it with his gloved hand. She hissed at him and tried to claw and bite him, but his hawk training glove was too thick. He dropped her in a tank and quickly threw a lid on. She scrambled around the inside clawing at every wall trying to escape. HE then dropped a mouse in there and she instantly pounced on it tearing it to pieces. HE took a droplet serum and put it on a piece of dried ice. Instantly it started smoking. He dropped the ice in the tank. The cat ran away from it. Once it had dispersed he stuck his hand in there to see what would happen. She ran to the other side of the tank and hid. He dropped a mouse in there again. The mouse went to investigate the blood smeared around the tank. The cat froze. Her eyes locked on the mouse. She began to tremble uncontrollably. "YES! IT WORKS! MY FEAR SERUM WORKS! WHOO HOO!" Krane skipped around the lab laughing and shaking his own hand. He stopped dancing and composed himself in the manner a scientist should. Ok funs over now back to work. How did Bayne be able to control his transformation. It had to do with when he got angry....The adrenaline.
"Batman, there seems to be a disturbance at the Wayne Research facility in downtown Gotham." Computers voice startled him as he was in deep thought. HE couldn't figure out what any of the things joker was doing had to do with each other. HE broke into a hardware store, a military supply store, 2 children’s detention facilities, set someone on fire at a gas station,  and now Wayne Enterprises Research facility. What was he up to? "Computer fire up the Batmobile, initiate auto pilot." He really wanted to change her programming to automatically do that but he hasn't had  a chance to. the prototype Batsuit was finally finished and no longer a prototype. He had injected Nanobots into his body and had them implanted into the suit. Now he could control the suits abilities by simply thinking of commands. He was working on merging the nanobots signal with Computers so that he didn't have to speak to computer at all, when the disturbance was reported. By the time he had gotten to Research facility Jokers crew had already come and gone. There was a hole the size of a truck in the wall. he could see all the way inside. They seemed to stop in the storage room. What was missing? He had about 2 more minutes before the police arrived. He had to move quickly. When he was inside the storage room he saw several large empty areas. He would have  to check the main computer after they pull inventory for insurance. For right now he just had to get any clues he could.
When Joker and the crew arrived back at their hideout they were amped. The adrenaline rush they were feeling was better than any high. "Great work all, you kids make me so proud! HAHHAHA, ok Bayne bring one of those tubes up to Krane’s room and lien up the others over there" He pointed to a corner in the garage. Just then Krane came running down to Joker, " I thought I heard you guys. Guess what? my fear serum is complete. One dose of this and whoever comes in contact with it will be terrified into submission." Joker liked the thought of that. The literal terror he could inflict upon the city. "Krane, you my boy have just earned a brownie point, and you know what that means? you get first choice and alone time in the toy room." Krane went to collect his reward and Joker took the vial of liquid and walked towards his room. Harley was only steps behind. "Har, how do you suppose we give ol' Batsy a dose of this juice?" Harley looked puzzled then shot a finger into the air "I know puddin, didn't you tell Vic to make you a gun capable of spraying anything Krane came up with?" Joker stopped dead in his tracks and about faced "Yes I did, didn’t I?" Well let's go have a chat with Vic.
Krane finished up, it didn't take long as he was pretty inexperienced in the matters of females, and went back to his lab, along the way he stopped by Kat and Rose's room. He had a glow of confidence in him that he never had before. Hey ladies, would one of you like to be next?" Kat acknowledged him first " I would" Rose looked at her with shock in her face. "Kat no, what if you get all big like Bayne?" Kat looked at Rose sympathetically "If I get big like Bayne with my agility we'll be unstoppable." Rose didn't like it. "I wanna go first" Krane and Kat's Jaws both dropped in awe. "Why?" Kat finally managed to mutter. "Just cause, and if you love me you won't make it an issue." Kat was disgruntled that she would pull that card but she complied. "Fine but I wanna be there when you do it." Krane continued to stand silently in the doorway as they bickered and decided. "Ok so Rose you're first and then you wanna go Kat? are we agreed on that?" His timid mousy persona was fading, Kat noticed this when he first stepped in the room. She had initially assumed he was a virgin until moments ago and he was brimming with confidence over losing it, but something told Kat there was more to it. Would he experiment on himself? She figured it didn't matter and followed him and Rose to his Lab. "Now Rose what kinda abilities are you looking for?" Rose didn't even hesitate, "I want control of plants" Krane was kinda taken aback by this request but it didn't show. "I can't promise exactly that but I can promise that something cool will happen" He smiled at her the way a child does when caught with their hand in the cookie jar. "Step in my newly acquired body tube. All I have to do is attach these hoses" He climbed to the top and attached the hoses to the top that would pour the "goo" in. He secured them with some clamps and climbed down. He ran around the room and collected leaves from various plants he had lying about. He threw the switch and the green liquid poured in. Rose looked nervous. As she stand there soaking up his concoction, he climbed to the top and dropped the leaves in. They instantly disintegrated and mixed with the chemical stew. Krane noticed that ivy was changing color. At first he thought it was just the tint from liquid inside but then he could noticeably see she was changing. So could Kat. "Hey What the fuck is happening to her? Get her outta there now." Krane sprinted to the switch and drained the goo. Rose practically fell out of the chamber when it opened. She had definitely been turned green, All except for her now even more vibrant Red Hair. When she regained composure she was not happy about being green. "What did you do to me? SEE KAT THIS IS WHY I WANTED TO GO FIRST! WHAT IF YOU WERE TURNED INTO A CAT?!? HUH?!" Kat was in absolute and genuine shock. "I...I...I don't know. I'm sorry." Rose was as compassionate as ever, "It's ok there's no need to be sorry, I kinda like it, I was just freaking out. Let's see what I can do." She looked at a plant and pointed her palms at it. Nothing happened, however she did feel weak. She collapsed. As she did a nearby plant caught her and lightly placed her on the ground. It then crept along the floor like a snake and opened a shade letting in the afternoon sunlight. the sun beams hit Rose and she started to move a little. The plant Then went to the nearby faucet and turned it on. The whole time Kat and Krane kept staring and blinking. They were unable to believe their eyes until the plant wrapped itself around Kat and guided her to the faucet. She quickly found a container lying around and filled it with water. The plant released its grip and took the container of water from her. It dumped the water on Rose's face. Her pores soaked up the water like a sponge. She opened her eyes. "What happened?" Krane looked down at her lying on the ground. "Well love, you need to learn how to control it better, but I believe you got your wish."
Joker found himself at Vic's door. He knocked once and flung the door open. "Vic my boy, I’m in need of something that can spray this shit. Something in a water gun type of weapon." Vic  was working on something, but joker couldn’t even begin to fathom what it was. "Boss I was just going to call you in before I got caught on this." He continued working on his project but nodded his head towards a table that had several of his creations lying on them. Joker and Harley walked over to the table. "Wow Vic these look awesome, really really awesome....soooo whatta they do?" Vic laughed at this. "Now I know why you are called Joker. you crack me up which isn't easy to do. Anyway That flower goes in your lapel, I figured it was a good style for you. Anyway what you do is put whatever you want, acid, gas, nitrogen, in that enclosed shatter proof vial. Then you put that in your inside pocket. Poke a lil hole going through to the front of your Jacket and insert that hose into the vial. Then touch the back like this" Vic grabbed his shirt and showed joker how to use the flower. "When you press that button on the back it will spray up to 13 feet in front of you." Joker was all too pleased. He grabbed the flower and walked out of the room. "Thanks Vic, you must be a mind reader." Vic's smile left his face and he now looked very puzzled. "Wait what about the rest of them?" Joker was already half out of the room "I'll check them later you just made my day." Harley blew Vic a kiss and followed Joker. His voice trailed off down the corridor.
Batman was back at the Batcave. He was analyzing the meager clues he dug up at Wayne research when he heard a voice. Joker. "Hey Bats you there? I always hated leaving messages." In the background Harley could be faintly heard. "Puddin that's not an answering machine it's a..."Joker Cut her off. "Shut up Harley, BATS! Dammit I know you hear me." Batman picked up the Walkie, "What do you want you lunatic?" You could hear Joker's smile through the speaker. "Batsy, relax I’ve decided to give myself up in exchange for the freedom of my crew. They've promised to turn over a new leaf and I realize that I corrupted and tricked them. So how bout it Meet me at Central Gotham Park? By Rams Meadow. "Batman didn't believe him for a second. "OK 30 minutes." Batman stared at the walkie waiting for Joker's response. He heard Joker clear his throat. "Deal, but....I want only you leave the Fuzz alone, I will only surrender to you." What was Joker up to now? Batman knew this was a trap but it was the only chance he had.
Joker put down the Walkie. "Wonderful ok so this is the plan. Har I want you to stay here and hold down the fort. Imma need Bayne." He pressed a button on his 2way watch. "Bayne I need your assistance come to my room." Just then he heard a loud crash come from the training room "What the fuck? Harley vamos and page Bayne back tell him to meet us in the training room instead" Joker stood in the doorway of the training room thoroughly amazed for the second time today. "Holy hell, Rose?" Rose was standing atop a giant plant, and she was green. "HI JOKER!" She screamed like a child who sees their grandparent for the first time in years. She was visibly less timid. She was also pretty Naked Barring some leaves covering up her "personal areas." The plant lowered her down and she pet it like it were a family dog. She stepped down from her enormous leaf platform. "Sorry didn't mean to break anything I was testing my new powers and I went a lil overboard. hehe" Joker was  already figuring out how to use this to his advantage. "Rose, I think you may be able to assist me with something..."Just then Bayne came in "You wanted to see me?" Joker waved him over. "ok look this is what we're gonna do. I've got the bat meeting me in Gotham central park in about 25 minutes. I want you 2 to come with. Bayne stay in your normal form unless you need to. I want the 2 of you to park your asses on a bench and I’ll meet the Bat. Rose when he shows his face I want you to make the vegetation grab him just long enough for me to spray him. Bayne if anything goes wrong Wolf out or whatever you do and smash him but if you don't have to don't." They both nodded and started walking towards the garage. "Oh and Rose, you're fuckin green hun, go put some clothes on and cover up, we're trying to not draw attention..."
Krane’s next volunteer was Kat, Kat had specifically asked to be enhanced with some sort of cat powers after seeing Rose in action, but she requested to be able to turn it off like Bayne could. By this time he had figured out that Bayne's mutation was based on the adrenaline he dropped in the tank and after turning Rose green he figured out how to control the transformations. "Ok Kat. step into my office" Krane smiled menacingly. Joker's insanity seemed to be rubbing off on everyone around him. he started the machine as per normal, but then he went up to the top and dropped some cat fur into the chamber. Kat was very uncomfortable not being able to breathe but she would not let it show. Krane was intrigued by her and Bayne both as they seemed to have no fears at all or if they did they masked it really well. He climbed down the massive tube and injected  his new component into the hose leading in. This would give her control over her transformation. He could see her starting to run out of breath. He really needed to ask Vic to make a breathing apparatus for this machine. Though it did help him time how long to leave them in there if they broke another tube he would be pissed. He flipped the switch to drain the massive beaker. The chamber door opened and Kat gasped for air. "ok’m not Green or furry, that's good. But I don't feel any different." Krane was not happy about that. "Maybe we just gotta find your trigger. Try to climb to that beam up there." He pointed to one of the beams attached to the ceiling support above their heads. Kat jumped onto the pole. She jumped further than she had expected, she expected to land on her ass but she balanced herself out with her tail and landed on her feet. Wait her tail? "I've got a tail? I've got a tail. I'VE GOT A TAIL!" She was excited. "Krane was smiling again. "That’s not all you got..." He snickered and pointed at the mirror. She looked in the mirror, She looked like a 2 legged Panther. All black fur, glowing green eyes, claws sharp as razors, and thumbs. That was a plus at least she could still grasp things. She turned from the mirror and ran at Krane full speed. She pounced on Alucard as he and Ed entered the room. "What the fuck Kat get the hell off of me." She did, "How did you know it was me?"
Alucard laughed "Uh I dunno lemme see, Krane’s doing experiments on people and one of us has been turned into a GIANT MAN CAT, I wonder who it could be?" Kat laughed. She turned back into a human. Her eyes stopped glowing but her pupils still looked like a cats. Ed decided to speak up. "OK if you 2 are done playing Kat and mouse could either of you tell us where Joker is, I got some stuff for him." Krane responded, "Don't know we're a lil preoccupied, go find Harley she should know.
Joker got a  buzz on his 2way. "Joker, it's Ed. You wanted  a riddle right, well put this on a piece of paper and leave it with the Bat. In Nation of CO2, burst bubbles Sow Dozens of sticky situations." Joker was unimpressed. "Don't you think that's just giving it to him?" Ed was not happy with that reply. "No I do not you understand it cause you know we're in a soda factory, he doesn't it'll take him forever to put that together." Joker wrote it down. "Look Ed if this fruit bat finds our hideout before Halloween I will eviscerate you." Joker clicked doff his watch. They had arrived, while he was politicking with Ed over the riddle, he had let Bayne and rose out a few blocks away. They strolled like a young couple in love. holding hands. they sat down on a bench. Joker emerged from the Van. He walked partially through the woods till he hit the meadow near Bayne and Rose. He walked out in the open. "BATS! I KNOW YOU'RE HERE SHOW YOUR FACE!" He pulled down his hood to reveal his menacing appearance. Batman swooped down from a Tree and stood in broad daylight in his suit. "Batsy, glad you could make it good to see you again. How's life?" He smiled his biggest smile without popping another stitch. Batman glared at him. "Before I bring you in can I ask you why?" Joker stopped smiling "Oh you really believed me that I was gonna just give in like that? HAHAHAHHAHA!" Batman was not amused. "Actually no" Joker stopped laughing. He took a fighting stance. "Ok Bats so then let’s get this over with, I been taking Martial arts lessons, let’s throw down. If you win, well if you win I’ll have to be unconscious anyway so I guess you get to take me in, BUT if I win....." Batman as aware of his surrounding as he was did not happen to notice the vines that were approaching his feet. He didn't notice until they quickly wrapped themselves around his ankles while other vines wrapped around his arms and midsection. You could hear an audible “CRACK” as the ones around his torso squeezed a  little TOO tight and broke a few ribs while restraining Batman. Joker Sprayed batman directly in the face as Vic had demonstrated. Batman started coughing. When his fit stopped he felt weird. He was very anxious. He took a good look at Joker and started screaming. Joker took advantage of his open mouth and put the piece of paper in, he shocked him with his hand buzzer to make him be quiet, instead he was rendered unconscious from Joker's high voltage hand buzzer. The vines released Batman with just a wave of Rose's hand. He lay there motionless but not dead.
Brad was in the dark. Where was he? Last he remembered the clown had sprayed him with something while something else that felt like snakes grabbed him. then a bright light and finally darkness. Where did they take him. Oh no! they removed his suit. What was this place? Was it a closet? he felt cramped and suddenly claustrophobic. suddenly a door opened. "C'mon Brad you have to attend it's the proper thing to do." A Tall Dark figure put out a hand. What was he talking about? "Who are you? and where am I?" The figure chuckled he opened the door further letting light in. "Dad?" It couldn't be Dad died shortly before mom. "Braddox Oliver Wayne, Get out that closet this instant and go put on your Sunday best. We're going to church and that's the last I’ll hear of it." MOM? Brad didn't know what to think, He jumped out of the closet and hugged his father as tight as he could. Before he got to speak another word the sunshine faded and a bullet emerged from his father’s chest, missing Brad's face by inches. His mother screamed. His father dropped him and started to melt. His mother put a kitchen knife to her throat and slit it ear to ear. Her blood gushed all over the place he was covered in it. "Not again, no, no, this didn't happen the same day, no this can't be happening again!" He began sweating. his surroundings changed he was in a church standing in the back. His parents’ bodies were being hung from the ceiling like piñatas. Joker was blindfolded and taking swings at them. Brad felt something restrain him again. It was a group of snakes of differing sizes. They constricted and he could barely breathe.  he fell down. He never hit the floor, he just kept fallings. All he could hear was the wind rushing past his ears and an evil laugh getting louder as he fell. He eventually hit the ground with a thud. He was losing consciousness again, he opened his eyes as much as he could and all he could see was the Joker with a giant Mallet which was about to come down on his head. He lost consciousness, yet at the same time regained consciousness. He was back in the park. Joker was gone. A crowd of people were starting to gather. they were keeping their distance but staring and pointing and gossiping about what he could possibly be. His sonic hearing allowed him to hear them all. He was still sweating and very anxious, but he regrouped himself best he could and took off into the trees. He pulled piece of paper out of his mouth and From there he disappeared.
when Joker returned he called a meeting with everyone to tell them what had happened and to show off Bayne, and Rose. What he hadn't counted on was another surprise when he returned. Kat. She looked different...Her eyes, they were the eyes of a cat. Green with an elongated pupil. almost like a long diamond. Exactly like a cat's. When the meeting started Krane interrupted and asked Kat to show her abilities. She transformed, everyone stared in awe at her movements, her ability to scale unscaleable objects, her increase speed, strength and ability to jump. Her already accelerated acrobatics were sharper. After everyone was done picking their jaws off the floor Joker gave Krane a pat on the back and divulged the exploits of the night. "Hopefully the bat is in a fetal position whimpering as we speak." He said. "Ok Kiddos, go get some sleep we have work to do tomorrow. only a few more days and my plot will be complete. hahhahahahaHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHA!" Joker's cackle was unsettling to everyone, including Harley.
Brad had stuff to do in the morning so he decided to put down  the cape and cowl and finally catch some sleep for the first time in days. He couldn't think and his head was fuzzy. The nanites made him not need as much sleep but he still needed sleep. they may have made him faster stronger and sharper, but not invincible. He was still human. He was sure all he needed was a good night’s rest. though only a few hours any sleep at all would be considered a good night’s rest. The dream he had earlier bothered him. More than that the fact that Joker had done something to him and gotten away bothered him more. Joker did something but he was still unsure what. Why would he meet him in the park and then put him to sleep? "Did he remove my mask?" Brad asked himself. He thought about it and realized that he couldn't have. The mask didn't come off like that and he was pretty sure computer had some sort of safety against that. He would have to wait until morning to find out.
Harley and Joker were on their way to bed. Ed caught them in the hallway "Joker, I have a new riddle for you." Joker looked at him up and down, like he was sizing him up. "You know Ed, I been thinking about it, the whole riddle thing isn’t working out. We already have 3 mutants and fear gas. The last thing I need to do is give Batsy clues. so you have exactly 3 seconds to tell me why I should keep you on board or imma shoot you in the face." Ed was startled. was Joker serious? "one" Joker said. Ed couldn't think straight "Well I, um, I mean..."Joker interrupted him “two, three" He pulled out a gun and shot Ed in the face. "patience never was one of my strong points." The whole crew came to see what had happened. Ed lie there bleeding from the hole in his face. "And then there was eight, don't worry about this, Ed and I had a lil disagreement and I handled it. Go to bed, we got shit to do in the morning." He grabbed Harleys hand and skipped to their room. He put on some old school trance music to reset the mood. Harley was still concerned with what had just happened. as a psychologist she was a lil concerned that he just did that and then went on to have no emotion. She was more concerned though that it didn't bother her. "Puddin, what plot were you referring to earlier?" Harley finally decided to ask. Joker turned to her with his usual wicked smile "Harley, Harley Harley, don't you concern yourself with that. I’ve had an agenda this entire time, just go with it and know that in a few days the scene will be set for us to rule this city, hell maybe the world one day." Harley was not thrilled with that answer but joker scooped her up in his arms and dipped her to the beat of the music. HE kissed her passionately and stared into her eyes. She was unsure how someone who clearly cared for her could be as cold conniving and uncaring about anything else, however at this moment it didn't matter. He twirled her and let go. She landed on the bed and Joker climbed in beside her. Her pulled off her top and kissed her neck gently like he was a junior high student attempting to get to second base. She threw him off of her. He lay there looking hurt and startled. She jumped on top of him tore his top off and kissed him madly.

Joker 2113 (Part 4)

October 27, 2113
Joker is  driving towards the Gotham Girls Juvenile Facility doing some recon before they executed their plan. He is almost there. His GPS tells him he has 10 miles to go. DING! The high pitched ring of his computer was heard over his blasting music. "Tank low, please stop at nearest petrol station. Would you like to divert course to obtain fuel?" Joker loved the new cars they were so much more driver friendly than the "classics" that still were around, without the aid of computers. " Why yes I think that is a grand idea!" The computer beeped "Command not recognized, would you like to divert course to obtain petrol?" Joker was having second thoughts about technology." you know you have no emotion almost like a comput..." BEEP! "Command not recog..." Joker grew impatient, "Yes Divert course! malfunctioning piece of scrap." The GPS Highlighted the course and rerouted to the nearest petrol station. "Big Bobs Petrol Palace huh?" Joker read off the sign with the beer bellied cowboy twirling a lasso glowed in neon colors that hurt his  eyes. The van pulled up and Joker got out. when he stopped for gas he used one of the credit cards from the wallets he stole at the hardware store the other day. He wore a Black hoody with a creepy clown face spray painted crudely on top of the hood. He kept his head low as to not attract too much attention with his brutal look. Then someone approached him from behind. "Yo son flip ya pockets, and don't even try to yell I got a gun in my pocket." Joker didn't even bother to turn around but spoke very low so that only the thug could hear him "haha, boy do you have the wrong person friend, tell you what I’ll give you one chance to turn around and walk away." The thug  was silent for a second, shocked that this person wasn't giving in, then he got angry "Look clown I ain’t fuckin witchoo, flip dem pockets now or imma put a mutha fuckin hole in you." Joker molested the matches in his pocket, his sadistic grin  crawled across his face. He winced from the pain of his freshly popped and restisched smiley. He growled menacingly as he turned around "Well don’t say I didn’t warn you..." Joker pulled the gas nozzle out of his van and sprayed the Thug, he looked him in the eye and continued smiling as he lit the book of matches and threw them at his assailant. The thug froze in terror as he stood there covered in high octane petrol looking at this monster in front of him throwing a lit book of matches. He turned and ran. Unfortunately for him joker figured he would book and threw it just that much harder. It went just far enough. The thug burst into flames  flailing his arms like a kid getting chased by a swarm of bees. "ooh he's on that's lame, um... we don't need no water let the mother fucker burn?...nah oh I know, Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime. Give a man a fire, he's warm for a day. Set a man on fire, he's warm for the rest of his life. AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAA!  WHOO! well I better get going before the popo arrive, tootles new friend, thanks for the laughs." He waved as he got in his van and sped off with the door to his petrol tank still open. He considered giving up on his recon mission, but then he remembered his motto...."Fuck it!" When he arrived at the girls’ facility he stopped, got out, and closed his gas cap. he kept his hood up as to not attract too much attention...again. He pulled out his camera. He circled the entire building taking pictures of everything, trying to find a weak point in the security. He got around to the courtyard where there were many detainees running around like children in a playground, which some of them were. It was then that he saw her. Joker never gave much thought to females, especially since his "makeover", but she was Beautiful. Never had he been as enthralled by a person as he was with her. She was about 5ft 4, skinny as a rail, nice shapely chest, long flowing blonde hair pulled into 2 pigtails, and an ass that wouldn't quit. She looked to maybe be a year or 2 older than Joker. She stood there in her Lab coat observing the girls, and writing notes on her clipboard. His camera started drifting from the building to her. He took several close up shots before she noticed him. At that moment Joker changed his plan.
The Nurses Aid was jotting down how the girls interacted with each other. From the Corner of her eye she noticed a figure. At first she thought it was a deer or something and didn't pay it any mind, but then she got the strangest feeling she was being watched. She looked up from her clip board and saw a mysterious looking figure in a hoody ahead of her. It was definitely human. Then she noticed something in this persons hands "Is he taking pictures of me?" she thought to herself. "Nurse Davidson!" She nearly jumped out of her skin and turned to the skinny ginger girl with the absolute reddest hair in the world standing in front of her. "Rose you startled me, what’s up?" She turned to glance back at the mystery person and he was gone. "Nurse Davidson there’s some girls picking on Kat over by the garden!" Rose pleaded. "Show me where quick." They ran to the garden where several of the bigger girls were pushing Kat around. Kat stood there, angry, letting them push her. She kept saying her calming mantra she learned in therapy over and over quietly, "Even Tigers need to purr, even tigers need to purr..." Nurse Davidson grabbed one of the girls by the shoulder "Anya what the hell are you doing? Leave her alone, all of you. Now what happened here?" Anya spun on her heels "Well we was in the garden mindin ours picking flowers when lil miss tree hugger over here decided to tell us about how Flowers have feelings too and that they are living creatures blah blah blah, so we told her fuck off. 2 minutes later this one comes by trying to start beef with us, so we was just showing her where it’s at, we didn't hurt her, we just wanted to let her know what’s really good." Nurse Davidson looked at Kat and Rose, "Is this true?" she asked. Kat nodded. "Anya you and the rest can go, Kat & Rose please stay here. And Anya, next time I catch you picking on someone for any reason you're gonna have a date with  Director Gordon." Anya smirked at the girls and said "Yeah Yeah I know I know" and walked away. Nurse Davidson turned to Rose and Kat "Look you 2 you have to stop this stuff, I can't always save you especially when you started the problem." Rose piped up "But Harley you have to understand, they were hurting the flowers I just wanted to drop some eco-friendly knowledge on them and they started calling me names, when Kat saw me crying she went over to say something to them." Nurse Harley Davidson understood, but she couldn't scold the other girls too badly when they didn't start it. She hated the so called justice this place enforced. Rose and Kat were Girlfriends, so they had enough of a problem dealing with people always calling them anti-gay names, then to add to the issues Rose was ultra-sensitive and way too into the whole save the earth thing. It's amazing with how sensitive she is that she was able to break into that lab and set all those animals free. Then again that's why she and Kat made the perfect team. Kat was also very into saving the planet, however she has the mind of an eco-terrorist in that pretty little head of hers, and she was likely the reason they both got arrested and brought here. Kat was 5ft 6, taller than Harley, Jet black hair, skinny but very muscularly toned, tanned skin. She was 17 but was wiser than most adults unlike Rose who though just as beautiful, was smaller and timid, and had a  naïve mind that coincided with stereotypes of girls her age. She was 15 and looked to be just starting to blossom into a woman. Harley had a special place in her heart for those 2, and she really hated Anya and her crew of fake thuglets, which made letting them go doubly as agitating. "Look girls, please try to stay out of trouble." "YES HARLEY" they both said in unison. "good now go" They ran off and Harley got back to work. She jotted some notes on her clipboard. Later Harley was getting ready to leave when the girls came up to the gate. "Hey Harley!" Kat called as they ran to the fence. "Harley, we wanted to apologize, we know we make your job harder sometimes but the planet is gonna die if we continue on this path of destruction and...." They were interrupted by a loud clapping and a tall lanky figure in a hoody and trench coat standing before them "Bravo girls, good show, but you know what, the only way to make people understand is brute force, I mean c'mon when all negotiations fail, shoot that mother fucker between the eyes, am I right or am I right?" He let his toothy yellow grin show again, " I mean it’s all for a greater cause. is it not?" Joker stood there with his wicked smile almost literally ear to ear. The Girls stepped back, Harley froze. "So toots what’s your name?" Before she had a chance to answer Joker grabbed her by the Hand and zapped her with his suped up Joy buzzer. She dropped like a sack of bricks. Joker caught her and picked her up over his shoulder. HE turned and walked away. Rose was shocked and didn't move or utter a word. Kat however was ready to explode. She took a few steps back, enough for a running start, and jumped up on rose's shoulders and then did a double flip and landed outside the gate. She then ran up on Joker and kicked him behind his knees dropping him to the ground. He made sure to not drop Harley. He placed her down gently, then went to turn around and was clocked hard enough to make him see stars. He shook it off and caught the next punch. "Sorry girly, you’re not that quick." He shocked her too, She went out like a light. By this point Rose was crying, helpless to do anything on the interior side of the fence. Joker looked at her. "Really? you’re crying? Look I don't plan on hurting them, well not the nurse, but my crew may have their way with this one..." Rose cut him off "That’s my GIRLFRIEND! GIVE HER BACK!" she scream through tears. Joker thought about this a second. "you know what, I got an idea, how about I bust you out and you come along too, that way you can keep this one from killing me till she hears my plan." Rose looked at him through tear soaked eyes, joker really intended to keep his word, the feisty one could be useful, and she was very agile and very strong for a female of her size. "Look Girly, I promise you if you come with me I can guarantee the 3 of you will be safe, I think we can help each other out." Though skeptical, Rose nodded. He walked up to the fence and pulled out a small vial. He poured the liquid inside very carefully on specific parts of the fence. It ate away the metal producing a hole big enough for Rose to fit through. "Now do me a favor, pick up your Girlfriend and get to my van quickly. I prolly already got the damn cops lookin for me." They each picked up a girl and headed to the Van.
When Harley awoke she was in a canopy bed. Crudely spray painted on the screen was a smiley face with blood dripping from its mouth. She was confused and didn't remember anything after that clown. THE CLOWN! THE GIRLS! Her thoughts ran away with her. The girls could have gotten hurt if the clown saw them as a threat. Did he kidnap her? She leaped out of bed. She was still fully clothed. That's a good sign she thought to herself. When she stepped out of bed she was not at all where she expected. She halfway expected a penthouse with the way the bed was set up, yet  She was actually in an office of some sort. The place looked like a warehouse and smelled like syrup. She then saw Kat and Rose sleeping on a couch on the far end of the room.  They looked ok. Did he kidnap them too? "What the fuck is going on?" She quietly said to herself, she walked over to Kat and tried to wake her. She was out cold. She went over to Rose who was a pretty light sleeper. "Rose, Rose wake up" Harley whispered as she lightly shook her. Rose's eyes opened wide. At first she looked scared, then when she saw nurse Harley a smile came over her freckled face. "Hey Harley, how'd you sleep?" Harley looked puzzled "C'mon, help me wake Kat we gotta get outta here." Rose just kept smiling "Relax we're free" Harley looked at Rose extremely puzzled. "What are you talking about, last thing I remember was that creepy clown c'mon we gotta go." She tried to grab Rose by the wrist. Rose pulled away. "Oh you mean Uncle joker. He's ok, yeah he looks creepy but he's a big ol' teddy bear. He's Preparing rooms for us now, he just wanted you to wake up first." Harley stepped back terrified "What the fuck are you talking about, Rose that guy is clearly out of his mind, let's get Kat up and get the fuck outta here." Rose smiled again. "Kat doesn't wanna go either. She woke up earlier at first she almost killed Joker for kidnapping you but then I explained it to her. He set us free and is willing to help us with our war on polluters, That and he got us out of that place. He's definitely a lunatic and a bad person, but he's been nice to us thus far and he seems genuine in his motives, well in regards to us anyway. Give him a  chance, he seems very fond of you" Rose winked at Harley. Harley was  speechless. The doorknob turned. Harley stood there frozen like a kid caught masturbating by his mom. "Nurse Harley Quinn Davidson. Currently attending Queensboro Community College going for her Bachelors in Pediatric Psychology. Also attending classes to get her RN License. Currently working as a Nurses Aid with her LPN at Gotham Girls Juvenile  Facility. Well I must say I am very impressed. Sorry that we had to meet the way we did but my normal method of courtship doesn't usually end so well for the girls involved. You however have captured my attention. I think actually want to know you. I've spent the last few hours looking up anything I could find on you, I know creepy sorry it's what I do." Joker Grinned at her. He looked like a monster. His face was cut up almost to his ears. Harley was pretty sure that wasn't face paint. His teeth were atrocious looking. Yet somehow under it all she found herself strangely attracted to him. When he spoke his tone was that of an old acquaintance. She finally found the strength to speak. "Where are we and why have you brought me here?" Joker continued grinning that horrid grin. "Well I can't really answer your first question just yet, that all depends on how you answer my question. Your second question actually leads into my question, so let’s start there...." Harley interrupted him "I saw you taking pictures earlier, were you stalking me or just perving on the girl?" She looked at him defiantly, no longer scared. Joker found that one particularly amusing he laugh boisterously. "oh man toots have you got it wrong. ok you know what I’m going to be totally honest with you. First off yes I am a perv but no I wasn’t perving on the lil girls, I’m not that kinda perv. Second, I’ve decided that I am going to start a criminal empire with the intention to take over Gotham. I have recently recruited some associates that are willing to help my cause. They brought up to me that they would like some female entertainment. Well all my associates are between 15 and 17 so I went to the girls’ facility to try and obtain some of said entertainment. However while I was there I saw you and well I decided I had to have you. After reading your files I must say I am very interested in you to say the least. So much so that I decided to not be a complete loon and kidnap you for the purposes of what I would normally kidnap someone for, instead I give you a choice. Stay with me and I promise you and the girls here safety and a life of fun and adventure, OR you can leave. I will have one of my men blindfold you and transport you back to your area so that you can never give up my  location. I will leave you alone and let you go on with your life. Your choice toots, but you better decide quick cause I’m not exactly known for being patient. one of my quirks you'll have to adjust to." Harley was baffled, she didn't know what to say, and then she thought of the girls again. "What about them? you gonna let your men treat them as their personal sex toys?" Joker stopped smiling for the first time since they met. "No actually, I like these two. They have spunk, no pun intended, they can be useful to me in other ways. Besides I know they don't dig guys, what kinda monster do you think I am?" He smiled again, a cheesy "trust me" kinda smile. Harley was unsure if she could trust him or not, but she knew Kat was an excellent judge of people and she was ok with this arrangement.

Joker 2113 (Part 3)

October 26, 2113
Joker was back at his hideout "...Batsy, GODDAMMIT BATS ANSWER ME!" he shouted into the walkie talkie. "Bats must be away from his vee-HIC-el..." He stressed the H sound in vehicle "...or he's in it and can't hear over the engine. Oh well, I’ll surprise him later at some point. I suppose I should have put a tracking device on him as well. CURSE YOU HINDSIGHT!" He grinned. Joker went along to envision his next plot.
Later in Batman’s Lair "Giancarlo C....Oh fuck this, I need a break." He looked up at a picture on the wall. "Great Grandpa Bruce, what a guy, left us a fortune and an enterprise... and a name that you can never hide from. *sigh* how did you do it? how did you manage to keep a personal life with all the reporters and paparazzi and such." He banged his head on the wall and the picture fell. " The hell is that?" There was a button behind the portrait. He pushed the button and a grandfather clock across the room slid apart from the wall. "Well well I guess there is more than one mystery to solve tonight..." He smiled for the first time in years at the thought of there being secrets in this house. Brad always loved a good mystery. He walked to the door and down a long winding staircase and found himself in a cave, but not just any cave "...THE BATCAVE!" He almost collapsed when he saw the original Batmobile's and the suits and memorabilia of villains past. He walked towards the computer dragging his index finger on everything he past.  He went to turn on the computer to see if it still worked...all he could think was think now was " How did grandpa hide all this...”
A little while later Joker sat in his room pondering. "OK well any good super villain has a gang of expendable thugs so I suppose that’s' my next step..." He grinned at the thought of being an overlord with minions and such. " I suppose  the next logical question is where do you get a gangs worth of miscreants when crime doesn't run the streets like a kid hopped up on a sack of Pixie Stix as it used to...hmmm...I KNOW!" and with that he left his hideout, but returned moments later to grab the Walkie talkie " Let’s give this another try..."
At that same time Brad had finished looking around the Batcave and had found the secret entrance and decided that it would be best to keep his Batmobile in there as well for safe keeping. He had finished checking the secret entrance and had figured a way to manipulate an old garage door opener to work on the same signal so he could get in and out quickly and quietly, so he went out  to the Batmobile and uncovered it. As he was about to get in he heard a voice, "...BATSY! OOH I HATE YOU! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU!?! I HAD A GREAT IDEA AND YOU ARE RUINING IT! BAAATS!"  Brad found the walkie under his wheel well and ripped it off its taped hinges. "Who is this?" Batman said into the Walkie. "Oh Bats you finally decided to join my chat party, well it's me again your unfriendly homicidal neighborhood Joker..." He cackled in-between speaking "...well anyway just wanted to let you know if you ever wanna just chat or anything you can always pick up this direct line and get through to me...I'll always be here for you Batsy...HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!" Brad clicked off the walkie and continued to hide his Batmobile. "This may be useful later" He thought to himself and threw it in the backseat.
"Bats, BATS, BAAATS!, Dammit he hung up on me, that miscreant Son of a bitch." Joker hissed through jagged yellowed teeth. "oh well guess I’ll wait for him to come to me." He smiled a frightening yellow grin as he pulled his car over next to a juvenile detention center. "well if this Bat is anything like the comics he'll be furious that I enlisted kids, and more so..." He growled the next few words "....he won't beat on them so hard,.." Then in a high pitched almost singsong voice "....and if he does, well bonus for mee-hee! AHAHHAHAHA!" he got out of the car and approached a group of kids, no older than  15 or 16, hanging close to the fence that imprisoned them. "Hey kids wanna bust out of this dump?" The kids all looked at him with wishful, yet frightened eyes. None of them would dare get too close to the gate where this horrific clown was standing, menacingly grinning. "oh c'mon kiddies, Uncle Joker's not gonna harm you, I have a proposition for you all, and anyone else you wanna bring along." A tall slender and muscular European looking teen stepped up to the gate " I want out, what you offerin'?" Joker's eyes widened with joy and the prospect of his minions being so easy to obtain. "What’s your name son?" The kid said "My name is Bayne and I want out so how we gonna do it?" Joker said "seriously?, your name is bane?" Bayne eyed joker hard "Yeah what of it?!?" He Said through grinding teeth. "Oh nothing, just the irony in all this strike me as a bit too coincidental, but whatever, roll with the punches I always say, anyway, Well Bayne, here's the plan, first imma need you to gather as many associates as you can that are willing to commit crimes like never before, second ..."
Back at Wayne manor: "so how does all this work?" Bruce was standing in front of this massive computer terminal and couldn’t find the on button. he pressed every button, he checked every nook of the machine, nothing "Dammit I can’t get this friggin COMPUTER ON!!!!!" just as he said that the computer came to life. "Voice analysis, voice not recognized, patterns similar to owner, please place your finger on the printing pad to your lower left" a bright red fingerprint display lit up at his side, and brad placed his finger on it "OW!" he got pricked in the finger, "DNA analysis complete, Wayne DNA found, Welcome Mr. Wayne." "Uh, hello?..." Brad muttered. "Please have a seat Mr. Wayne while I update my database. Updating system, current date October 26 12:24 AM, loading video will" A loading screen appeared, when it was done loading a haggard old face appeared on the screen "Granpa Bruce?" "Hello descendant, if you are seeing this video I can only assume 2 things one you discovered my secret, and 2 crime is on the rise again, I programmed the computer to only play this video for someone of my lineage and only after accessing the police criminal database to ensure you have no criminal record, and that there was a need to even play this. That being said I’m sure you've figured out by now that I was the batman. Now you have a choice, you can tell the computer to shutdown and it will. you walk away and forget you ever saw this, or you can tell it to continue. If you tell it to continue it will monitor you forever, it will ensure that you use any gadgets in here for only good and if you use any of it for evil, it will shut down and send a distress signal to the police after subduing you. I will not tolerate anyone ruining the Wayne family name." Then the video paused and the computer voice came back on "Please make a selection, continue or shutdown?" Brad stood there for a moment, he thought about what he would do, he thought about how he was already doing this why not get some upgraded gadgets... "Continue" Bruce came back on "Good, I hope you made the right choice not only for yourself but for all of Gotham. Well let’s take a tour of the place if you will direct your attention to the autoscreen approaching you we can continue...." Brad look over at a piece of junk on wheels with a monitor on it where Bruce’s haggard old face was waiting to continue the tour.
" the clown said be by this wall at exactly 1am , so where the fuck is he?" "I don't know he just told me to gather you guys and be here now shut up and wait, what do you have to lose?" Bayne crossed his arms and leaned against the brick wall like Joker told him to. "its 12:58AM Bayne, where the fuck is he?" "I dunno, but Listen he very specifically said this wall, he stressed it lots I don’t think you should be over there." "Pfft what’s gonna happen is he gonna bust through the..."
"OH YEAH! HAHAHA I've always wanted to do that HAHAHHAHAHAHA!" Joker yelled as he  busted through the wall in a school bus adjacent to where Bayne was standing. Bayne stay there unmoved, and unhurt. however his bullheaded associate was not in quite the same shape. The Alarm blared. "Hey Kiddos hop in ASAP, we need to make like a crack head and burn rubber...HAHHAHAHA! hey what happened to that guy he looks like humpty dumpty... threw up." Joker snickered and the seven remaining kids jumped in the bus and Joker kicked it in reverse rolling over 2 guards in the process. "GO AHEAD THROW EVERY LAST MAN AT ME! ILL JUST MAKE THEM ROAD PIZZA! Hey anyone else hungry? DAMN YOU PIGS NOW I WANT PIZZA....WITH BACON! AHAHAHAHHAHAHA!" Joker screamed and laughed out the window, then in a very casual voice, almost as if none of this was even going on and they were simply having a drink at a bar joker turns to the children "So what’s everyone’s name? c'mon don’t be shy now better we die  friends than strangers, um not that were GONNA DIE, but it  is one of the possible outcomes....." Silence took over the bus until Bayne started pointing to each other teen very relaxed in the bus "That’s Oz, Deuce, Vic, Ed, Alucard and Krane, so now what do we do boss?" Jokers smile widened "Boss? I like the sound of that, well boys under your seats you will find some masks and a bunch of weapons, those pigs are giving chase so open the windows and have a pun intended...oh who am I kidding AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAA!" Joker, still driving like a madman, pulls onto a highway doing top speed in the bus. The teens all put on their clown masks except Bayne, he just threw on his sunglasses. they all grabbed various weapons and started firing out the windows. Bayne took some chains and secured himself between 2 aisle seats in the last row and kicked open the back doors of the bus. he then let loose flurries of grenades on the pursuing cop cars. "DIRECT HIT BAYNE MY BOY!" Joker screamed as several of the trailing cars exploded and crashed, then to himself he said, "I really like that boy I may have to make him my protégé....ohhooo good times ahead boy good times ahead, YOU HEAR THAT COPPERS GOOD TIMES AHEAD AND THERES FUCK ALL YOU CAN DO ABOUT IT! YOU HEAR ME! oh wait I guess it would be kinda hard to hear with all that windshield jammed all in your skull like that AHAHAHHAHAHA......"
A short while earlier:
"...and over here we have we have the Batsuits past present and future." Bruce’s floating video head rolled along announcing the suits like a museum curator." As you can see we have the originals without armor which were rendered useless almost immediately as the criminals of Gotham do not believe in the honor of fighting without guns, and then we get into the ones that have bullet proof armor, and then impenetrable armor. The impenetrable armor came to be needed with criminals like Killer Croc around who could literally bite a car in half. He tried to take a bite out of me more than once. Over here we have the Beyond suit with flight technology, enhanced strength and a number of other interesting abilities. This will be the handiest until you finish work on the prototype suit over here. I figured with the 'Beyond Technology' and a few enhancements..." An Alarm sounded, the computer paused Bruce's video, it then advised "Warning police chase along the Gotham River Drive Highway. Suspect Kidnapped several children in a school bus. Bus # 6913. Suspect is armed and dangerous, several officers down. Explosives in use..." Brad froze in place for a moment, snapped out of it and grabbed the nearest suit which happened to be the prototype suit, without even thinking. He jumped in the Batmobile and went. "I have taken the liberty of syncing myself to your vehicle to better assist you. Would you like to turn on autopilot?" Brad was astonished that his great grandfather had technology that was almost up to par with the  current technology nearly a century ago. "Yes" He replied. While computer drove, he put on the suit. His cowl almost looked like what you would expect Nosferatu's skull to look like it even had fangs. there was no cape on this suit.  It shone like motor oil in a puddle. There was a Tribal tattoo looking design on the chest. It was a Bat. "That's cool" Brad said to himself out loud. inside the cowl Computers voice spoke over speakers mounted slightly behind brad's ears. The eyes lit up and then immediately dimmed. the suit shone an iridescent glow. it was changing colors and adapting to his surroundings. he looked down and couldn’t see his legs anymore, then his hands disappeared from the steering wheel, he was invisible like a chameleon. "Cool" he muttered with a prideful smirk. in the upper left corner of his goggles he noticed "NRM" glowing fluorescent green. "computer define goggle option NRM." Computer responded " NRM, Normal Retina Mode. While in NRM you see the world as you would without filters except clearer..." Everything sounded clearer and louder even over Computer's digital voice. and she was right it looked crisper too. " may adjust focus to your optical liking." Brad thought he would like a sensor that detected threats approaching and highlight them. "Computer note highlight threats." He stated. "Noted" she replied. "Computer what are my optional filters?" Computer went into detail on several filters while auto piloting the Batmobile to the scene of the disturbance. "...Lastly there is THRM, Thermal Heat Recognition Mode, while in THRM. --BEEP-- Approaching disturbance. Target ahead on left" Computer automatically changed his display back to NRM. "I see him..."
Joker was swerving like a drunkard, not due to alcohol but just because he felt like it. He smashed into cars on both sides of the street like a ping pong ball. Inside the bus joker was finishing a joke " the king says 'KING KONGS BALLS I SAID PING PONG BALLS!' AHAHAHAHHAHAHA I Kill me, and anyone else I want for that matter, wait did I make that joke already? SHIT, need new material already. what’s this world coming too when the joker has to repeat jokes..." Joker paused on this thought for a sec. for just a split second it looked as though joker was seeing the severity of what he was doing, but then he was right back where he was a moment ago. "HEY BOSS!..." Bayne Yelled from the rear "...I think we has a prollem." Joker took his eyes off the road and directed them to his side mirror. “Nothing on my side..." He said looking into the driver’s side mirror, he then turned his attention to the passenger side mirror, "...well what do we have here? OH LOOK BOYS IT’S THE BAT! YAY! AHAHAHHAHAA, well we're not fully prepared for him yet, so get rid of him." Bayne detached himself from his "seatbelt" rig of chains. he looked under all the seats and collected all the explosives he found. he closed the back door and went to work.
"Computer pull up behind the bus and open the hatch. Computer initiate THRM. I don’t like that they closed the doors." The Batmobile positioned itself behind the bus and the hatch opened. As soon as it did the back doors burst open again and a volley of random explosives came spewing out of the back. "COMPUTER CLOSE HATCH!" The hatch closed and a fireworks display of explosions ensued. The windshield of the Batmobile shattered. The hood came off, if not for the reinforced steel surrounding the cockpit Batman would have been done. the Batmobile shifted and crashed. "Computer you there?" "I am here sir"  Computer replied. "Computer are you still able to control the Batmobile?" Batman groaned. "Yes" her staticy computer voice affirmed. "Take me home please" The Batmobile sputtered and wobbled but it made its way back to the Batcave.
"Well that was fun, we're almost there boys. Good job losing the bat back there, Bayne my boy I like your style." They pulled up to a Deserted Craka-Cola factory. " Here we are. I know it looks like shit form the outside but the inside is...well the insides fucked up too but home is where the heart is and all  that jazz.." They pulled the school bus around back and got out Joker led them through a hole in the wall that led to a corridor and over to some decrepit stairs. "Up this way boys, so you'll each have your own room do with it as you please. ok so we've established Bayne is the muscle of the group, who's got the brains?" Bayne replied, "Vic and Krane are the nerds.." Vic stopped dead in his tracks and turned to Bayne, "Who the fuck you calling a Nerd ya mutant son of a bitch? I'm madd smart but I ain't no fuckin Nerd." Joker stepped between them, "Boys, Boys Boys, no need to fight you have your freedom, a roof over your head, and a new job, let’s try to be more positive ok? Cause if not I may have to rip out someone’s eyes with a chopstick..." He just stood there and smiled at both of them " Good then it’s settled, anywho, so Vic, Krane, are either of you 2 any good at chemistry?" "I am" Krane said. Krane was a scrawny looking Goth kid. He wasn’t the shortest but definitely the smallest of the group. They started walking again. "Wonderful, Krane this is your room then" Joker pointed to a room on the left, " It has any chemicals, beakers, tubes, whatsits, and thingys you might need, redecorate anyway you want just make use of that shit, I want gasses, poisons biological anything and so forth, go. Now who's the best at hand to hand, and Bayne brute strength does not make a great fighter so don't even raise your hand." Joker stopped and about faced. the troop stopped "That would be me" Deuce stepped out of the shadows He raised his head. "WHOA What the fuck happened to you? You get into a fight with an envious cyclops or something?" Joker mused. Deuce was 5ft 5in just a tad shorter than Joker. He had a serious scar going from his upper lip around his nose through his eye and ending at his hairline.  Deuce got right up in Jokers face and looked at him with his one good eye "No actually we got into a knife fight with our uncle and that fat fuck tackled us and taught us a lesson. When we woke up we were all patched up and in Juvy. Anything else boss?" that last "Boss" sounded very cynical. Joker looked at him hard for a moment then let his menacing smile take over. "We? care to explain?" Joker questioned "No" Deuce responded "Right then. Anyway I want you to come up with a training schedule. I want all the boys to be experts at hand to hand combat. or at least as good as you HAHHA Just kidding, anyway your training room is over there and you my friend have the room closest to it. go. NEXT! Ok Vic you’re the other brain of the group, you any good with building shit, weapons in particular?" Vic smiled for the first time since joker met him "Actually that is my specialty." Vic was almost as tall as Bayne with grayish skin and a bald head, he wore an Ice blue hat with a V in the center and red sunglasses. He was equally as cut as Bayne, but not quite as strong. "Superb, then this is your room, I want you to build me a gun capable of using the gasses, poisons etc. that Krane will be making. you should have all the supplies you need but if not I guess we'll go shopping. go. Next on the agenda. Making Bats Crazy, who's good at riddles?..."
"Computer are any of these Batmobiles still functional?" Brad inquired. "Yes they all are" Brad was pretty badly hurt but not incapacitated, he was more than able to go out and investigate. "Computer, I need some medical supplies, bandages, ointment, and etcetera. Also whichever Batmobile is the most durable, I want that one prepped and ready to go, tonight is not over." Computer sent a medical drone over to Brad to aid him in his bodily repair. While he was tending to that she fueled and prepped the Batmobile. "Computer are you capable of building things" Brad asked. Computer responded "Yes anything I have the ability to build nearly anything as long as the drones are able to lift the materials." Brad was pleased with this. "Good, can you replicate this Batsuit and make some additions?" "Yes, what alterations would you like?" Brad wrapped a bandage around his abdomen as he spoke "First off I would like Nano-bots in the suit, I would also like a set implanted in myself so that I can communicate with you and the suit without making noise, second some sort of blast protection, that’s twice that son of a bitch used explosives on me..." Brad winced as he put the final touches on his bandages with the assistance of the drone. "I wonder what his game is, he said something about me making him and he's been quite the nuisance recently..."on this thought Brad remembered the walkie talkie in the remains of the backseat of the Batmobile. He found it. Still intact. He switched it on and pressed the button "Joker are you there?"
"Well Bayne my boy, I would say today was one hell of a success" Joker raised a glass of champagne and toasted with Bayne. Bayne raised his glass but did not seem as enthusiastic as Joker. "Whatsa Matta Lad?" Bayne took a sip from his glass "Today was a good day, I got my freedom and something to do with myself for once, but now I’m out I have that old itch..." Joker looked at him puzzled. Bayne continued "...when me and the boys were waiting for you we realized that none of us has had pussy in quite some time being locked up in that fucking shithole...." They were interrupted by a staticy voice coming from across the room "Joker are you there?" It was Batman! Joker was ecstatic, he skipped across the room like a school girl. He picked up the Walkie talkie "BATS! so good to hear from you, it feels like it’s been so long, so how’s the family?" Batman was not amused " OK asshole, bottom line what do you want? I can't let you terrorize this city anymore, what will it take to make you cut this shit out?" Joker smiled so wide he popped one of his self-sutured stitches, but he was so giddy he didn't even feel the blood trickling down his cheek "Well Bats this is the thing, I won't stop, I’m having too much fun, you see when I was just a child I caught a fly, I pulled its wings off and kept it, more of an experiment than a pet but I guess that’s 2 sides of the same coin, anywho I noticed something, the fly changed, it adapted, I fed it and kept it in a glass jar, and after a few weeks it was walking around like it never even had wings, well this sparked an interesting question, would a human adapt as well and continue living? the only problem is we don't have wings so I have to pull off arms or legs and they always bleed to death..."Batman interrupted him again "What the hell does that have to do with anything?" Joker simply replied " Nothing, I just like talking with you, no homo AHHAHAHAHAHAHA!" Batman clicked off his Walkie talkie. "DAMMIT I HATE WHEN HE DOES THAT! no respect. Oh well, now Bayne, back to your request, I think we can do something about that, gather the crew, tonight we plan, and tomorrow we're going on our first kidnapping...OW!, but first I have to restitch this" Joker finally noticed he was bleeding. As Joker was stitching himself up Vic came into the room. "Joker, I have something for the crew. Enjoy." He put down a box with watches in it and started to walk away. Joker was puzzled. He finished his thread and called after Vic. "Hey what the hell are these things?" Vic continued walking "2 way radio watches so we can all keep in contact." He turned the corner.
Batman hopped in the Batmobile "Computer, take me back to the detention center, I have to investigate and find this maniac before he hurts anyone else." computer replied "Destination Gotham Juvenile detention Center set, ETA 13.4 minutes, would you like to set auto pilot?" Batman looked perturbed "yes. Computer, we really need to work on your vocal commands." The Batmobile took off towards the detention center. When he arrived it was  a mess. they had already transferred the remaining children to a  new facility. The whole side of Building D was rubble. Batman hid the Batmobile in the woods not too far from the facility. He got out and crept along the security fence perimeter until he found a dark spot and cut a hole in the fence. Batman entered the detention center grounds and stealthily made his way to Building D. Now to find clues. "Computer, DTCV mode." Batman's  vision turned blue. All the bodily fluids around him turned Bright Yellow and their tint changed depending on what fluid it was. Even the remnants of fluids showed lightly. Fingerprints were everywhere highlighted in Neon Green. He could see purplish silhouettes in the distance, those must be people. "What’s this?...."