Friday, July 12, 2013

Joker 2113 (Part 4)

October 27, 2113
Joker is  driving towards the Gotham Girls Juvenile Facility doing some recon before they executed their plan. He is almost there. His GPS tells him he has 10 miles to go. DING! The high pitched ring of his computer was heard over his blasting music. "Tank low, please stop at nearest petrol station. Would you like to divert course to obtain fuel?" Joker loved the new cars they were so much more driver friendly than the "classics" that still were around, without the aid of computers. " Why yes I think that is a grand idea!" The computer beeped "Command not recognized, would you like to divert course to obtain petrol?" Joker was having second thoughts about technology." you know you have no emotion almost like a comput..." BEEP! "Command not recog..." Joker grew impatient, "Yes Divert course! malfunctioning piece of scrap." The GPS Highlighted the course and rerouted to the nearest petrol station. "Big Bobs Petrol Palace huh?" Joker read off the sign with the beer bellied cowboy twirling a lasso glowed in neon colors that hurt his  eyes. The van pulled up and Joker got out. when he stopped for gas he used one of the credit cards from the wallets he stole at the hardware store the other day. He wore a Black hoody with a creepy clown face spray painted crudely on top of the hood. He kept his head low as to not attract too much attention with his brutal look. Then someone approached him from behind. "Yo son flip ya pockets, and don't even try to yell I got a gun in my pocket." Joker didn't even bother to turn around but spoke very low so that only the thug could hear him "haha, boy do you have the wrong person friend, tell you what I’ll give you one chance to turn around and walk away." The thug  was silent for a second, shocked that this person wasn't giving in, then he got angry "Look clown I ain’t fuckin witchoo, flip dem pockets now or imma put a mutha fuckin hole in you." Joker molested the matches in his pocket, his sadistic grin  crawled across his face. He winced from the pain of his freshly popped and restisched smiley. He growled menacingly as he turned around "Well don’t say I didn’t warn you..." Joker pulled the gas nozzle out of his van and sprayed the Thug, he looked him in the eye and continued smiling as he lit the book of matches and threw them at his assailant. The thug froze in terror as he stood there covered in high octane petrol looking at this monster in front of him throwing a lit book of matches. He turned and ran. Unfortunately for him joker figured he would book and threw it just that much harder. It went just far enough. The thug burst into flames  flailing his arms like a kid getting chased by a swarm of bees. "ooh he's on that's lame, um... we don't need no water let the mother fucker burn?...nah oh I know, Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, he eats for a lifetime. Give a man a fire, he's warm for a day. Set a man on fire, he's warm for the rest of his life. AHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAA!  WHOO! well I better get going before the popo arrive, tootles new friend, thanks for the laughs." He waved as he got in his van and sped off with the door to his petrol tank still open. He considered giving up on his recon mission, but then he remembered his motto...."Fuck it!" When he arrived at the girls’ facility he stopped, got out, and closed his gas cap. he kept his hood up as to not attract too much attention...again. He pulled out his camera. He circled the entire building taking pictures of everything, trying to find a weak point in the security. He got around to the courtyard where there were many detainees running around like children in a playground, which some of them were. It was then that he saw her. Joker never gave much thought to females, especially since his "makeover", but she was Beautiful. Never had he been as enthralled by a person as he was with her. She was about 5ft 4, skinny as a rail, nice shapely chest, long flowing blonde hair pulled into 2 pigtails, and an ass that wouldn't quit. She looked to maybe be a year or 2 older than Joker. She stood there in her Lab coat observing the girls, and writing notes on her clipboard. His camera started drifting from the building to her. He took several close up shots before she noticed him. At that moment Joker changed his plan.
The Nurses Aid was jotting down how the girls interacted with each other. From the Corner of her eye she noticed a figure. At first she thought it was a deer or something and didn't pay it any mind, but then she got the strangest feeling she was being watched. She looked up from her clip board and saw a mysterious looking figure in a hoody ahead of her. It was definitely human. Then she noticed something in this persons hands "Is he taking pictures of me?" she thought to herself. "Nurse Davidson!" She nearly jumped out of her skin and turned to the skinny ginger girl with the absolute reddest hair in the world standing in front of her. "Rose you startled me, what’s up?" She turned to glance back at the mystery person and he was gone. "Nurse Davidson there’s some girls picking on Kat over by the garden!" Rose pleaded. "Show me where quick." They ran to the garden where several of the bigger girls were pushing Kat around. Kat stood there, angry, letting them push her. She kept saying her calming mantra she learned in therapy over and over quietly, "Even Tigers need to purr, even tigers need to purr..." Nurse Davidson grabbed one of the girls by the shoulder "Anya what the hell are you doing? Leave her alone, all of you. Now what happened here?" Anya spun on her heels "Well we was in the garden mindin ours picking flowers when lil miss tree hugger over here decided to tell us about how Flowers have feelings too and that they are living creatures blah blah blah, so we told her fuck off. 2 minutes later this one comes by trying to start beef with us, so we was just showing her where it’s at, we didn't hurt her, we just wanted to let her know what’s really good." Nurse Davidson looked at Kat and Rose, "Is this true?" she asked. Kat nodded. "Anya you and the rest can go, Kat & Rose please stay here. And Anya, next time I catch you picking on someone for any reason you're gonna have a date with  Director Gordon." Anya smirked at the girls and said "Yeah Yeah I know I know" and walked away. Nurse Davidson turned to Rose and Kat "Look you 2 you have to stop this stuff, I can't always save you especially when you started the problem." Rose piped up "But Harley you have to understand, they were hurting the flowers I just wanted to drop some eco-friendly knowledge on them and they started calling me names, when Kat saw me crying she went over to say something to them." Nurse Harley Davidson understood, but she couldn't scold the other girls too badly when they didn't start it. She hated the so called justice this place enforced. Rose and Kat were Girlfriends, so they had enough of a problem dealing with people always calling them anti-gay names, then to add to the issues Rose was ultra-sensitive and way too into the whole save the earth thing. It's amazing with how sensitive she is that she was able to break into that lab and set all those animals free. Then again that's why she and Kat made the perfect team. Kat was also very into saving the planet, however she has the mind of an eco-terrorist in that pretty little head of hers, and she was likely the reason they both got arrested and brought here. Kat was 5ft 6, taller than Harley, Jet black hair, skinny but very muscularly toned, tanned skin. She was 17 but was wiser than most adults unlike Rose who though just as beautiful, was smaller and timid, and had a  naïve mind that coincided with stereotypes of girls her age. She was 15 and looked to be just starting to blossom into a woman. Harley had a special place in her heart for those 2, and she really hated Anya and her crew of fake thuglets, which made letting them go doubly as agitating. "Look girls, please try to stay out of trouble." "YES HARLEY" they both said in unison. "good now go" They ran off and Harley got back to work. She jotted some notes on her clipboard. Later Harley was getting ready to leave when the girls came up to the gate. "Hey Harley!" Kat called as they ran to the fence. "Harley, we wanted to apologize, we know we make your job harder sometimes but the planet is gonna die if we continue on this path of destruction and...." They were interrupted by a loud clapping and a tall lanky figure in a hoody and trench coat standing before them "Bravo girls, good show, but you know what, the only way to make people understand is brute force, I mean c'mon when all negotiations fail, shoot that mother fucker between the eyes, am I right or am I right?" He let his toothy yellow grin show again, " I mean it’s all for a greater cause. is it not?" Joker stood there with his wicked smile almost literally ear to ear. The Girls stepped back, Harley froze. "So toots what’s your name?" Before she had a chance to answer Joker grabbed her by the Hand and zapped her with his suped up Joy buzzer. She dropped like a sack of bricks. Joker caught her and picked her up over his shoulder. HE turned and walked away. Rose was shocked and didn't move or utter a word. Kat however was ready to explode. She took a few steps back, enough for a running start, and jumped up on rose's shoulders and then did a double flip and landed outside the gate. She then ran up on Joker and kicked him behind his knees dropping him to the ground. He made sure to not drop Harley. He placed her down gently, then went to turn around and was clocked hard enough to make him see stars. He shook it off and caught the next punch. "Sorry girly, you’re not that quick." He shocked her too, She went out like a light. By this point Rose was crying, helpless to do anything on the interior side of the fence. Joker looked at her. "Really? you’re crying? Look I don't plan on hurting them, well not the nurse, but my crew may have their way with this one..." Rose cut him off "That’s my GIRLFRIEND! GIVE HER BACK!" she scream through tears. Joker thought about this a second. "you know what, I got an idea, how about I bust you out and you come along too, that way you can keep this one from killing me till she hears my plan." Rose looked at him through tear soaked eyes, joker really intended to keep his word, the feisty one could be useful, and she was very agile and very strong for a female of her size. "Look Girly, I promise you if you come with me I can guarantee the 3 of you will be safe, I think we can help each other out." Though skeptical, Rose nodded. He walked up to the fence and pulled out a small vial. He poured the liquid inside very carefully on specific parts of the fence. It ate away the metal producing a hole big enough for Rose to fit through. "Now do me a favor, pick up your Girlfriend and get to my van quickly. I prolly already got the damn cops lookin for me." They each picked up a girl and headed to the Van.
When Harley awoke she was in a canopy bed. Crudely spray painted on the screen was a smiley face with blood dripping from its mouth. She was confused and didn't remember anything after that clown. THE CLOWN! THE GIRLS! Her thoughts ran away with her. The girls could have gotten hurt if the clown saw them as a threat. Did he kidnap her? She leaped out of bed. She was still fully clothed. That's a good sign she thought to herself. When she stepped out of bed she was not at all where she expected. She halfway expected a penthouse with the way the bed was set up, yet  She was actually in an office of some sort. The place looked like a warehouse and smelled like syrup. She then saw Kat and Rose sleeping on a couch on the far end of the room.  They looked ok. Did he kidnap them too? "What the fuck is going on?" She quietly said to herself, she walked over to Kat and tried to wake her. She was out cold. She went over to Rose who was a pretty light sleeper. "Rose, Rose wake up" Harley whispered as she lightly shook her. Rose's eyes opened wide. At first she looked scared, then when she saw nurse Harley a smile came over her freckled face. "Hey Harley, how'd you sleep?" Harley looked puzzled "C'mon, help me wake Kat we gotta get outta here." Rose just kept smiling "Relax we're free" Harley looked at Rose extremely puzzled. "What are you talking about, last thing I remember was that creepy clown c'mon we gotta go." She tried to grab Rose by the wrist. Rose pulled away. "Oh you mean Uncle joker. He's ok, yeah he looks creepy but he's a big ol' teddy bear. He's Preparing rooms for us now, he just wanted you to wake up first." Harley stepped back terrified "What the fuck are you talking about, Rose that guy is clearly out of his mind, let's get Kat up and get the fuck outta here." Rose smiled again. "Kat doesn't wanna go either. She woke up earlier at first she almost killed Joker for kidnapping you but then I explained it to her. He set us free and is willing to help us with our war on polluters, That and he got us out of that place. He's definitely a lunatic and a bad person, but he's been nice to us thus far and he seems genuine in his motives, well in regards to us anyway. Give him a  chance, he seems very fond of you" Rose winked at Harley. Harley was  speechless. The doorknob turned. Harley stood there frozen like a kid caught masturbating by his mom. "Nurse Harley Quinn Davidson. Currently attending Queensboro Community College going for her Bachelors in Pediatric Psychology. Also attending classes to get her RN License. Currently working as a Nurses Aid with her LPN at Gotham Girls Juvenile  Facility. Well I must say I am very impressed. Sorry that we had to meet the way we did but my normal method of courtship doesn't usually end so well for the girls involved. You however have captured my attention. I think actually want to know you. I've spent the last few hours looking up anything I could find on you, I know creepy sorry it's what I do." Joker Grinned at her. He looked like a monster. His face was cut up almost to his ears. Harley was pretty sure that wasn't face paint. His teeth were atrocious looking. Yet somehow under it all she found herself strangely attracted to him. When he spoke his tone was that of an old acquaintance. She finally found the strength to speak. "Where are we and why have you brought me here?" Joker continued grinning that horrid grin. "Well I can't really answer your first question just yet, that all depends on how you answer my question. Your second question actually leads into my question, so let’s start there...." Harley interrupted him "I saw you taking pictures earlier, were you stalking me or just perving on the girl?" She looked at him defiantly, no longer scared. Joker found that one particularly amusing he laugh boisterously. "oh man toots have you got it wrong. ok you know what I’m going to be totally honest with you. First off yes I am a perv but no I wasn’t perving on the lil girls, I’m not that kinda perv. Second, I’ve decided that I am going to start a criminal empire with the intention to take over Gotham. I have recently recruited some associates that are willing to help my cause. They brought up to me that they would like some female entertainment. Well all my associates are between 15 and 17 so I went to the girls’ facility to try and obtain some of said entertainment. However while I was there I saw you and well I decided I had to have you. After reading your files I must say I am very interested in you to say the least. So much so that I decided to not be a complete loon and kidnap you for the purposes of what I would normally kidnap someone for, instead I give you a choice. Stay with me and I promise you and the girls here safety and a life of fun and adventure, OR you can leave. I will have one of my men blindfold you and transport you back to your area so that you can never give up my  location. I will leave you alone and let you go on with your life. Your choice toots, but you better decide quick cause I’m not exactly known for being patient. one of my quirks you'll have to adjust to." Harley was baffled, she didn't know what to say, and then she thought of the girls again. "What about them? you gonna let your men treat them as their personal sex toys?" Joker stopped smiling for the first time since they met. "No actually, I like these two. They have spunk, no pun intended, they can be useful to me in other ways. Besides I know they don't dig guys, what kinda monster do you think I am?" He smiled again, a cheesy "trust me" kinda smile. Harley was unsure if she could trust him or not, but she knew Kat was an excellent judge of people and she was ok with this arrangement.

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