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Joker 2113

Well awhile ago i wrote a book (was supposed to be a graphic novel but my artist had some life issues) anyway in light of my having music to put up i figured to keep you guys entertained imma post teh story. Any way credit to DC for teh Batman franchise in which gave me the ideas all liscences and everything are owned and bklah blah blah by DC Comics i am not selling this it is purley fan fiction etc etc i hope thats a good enough disclaimer, so without further delay here it goes.... ~MIEone

*Amendmant ... apparently blogspot wont let me drop it all in one shot so here's part 1 i'll put up another installment at a later time

                                                                               Joker 2113
                                                                         J. Gonzalez © 2011

The year was 2095; Tales of a long forgotten hero have been resurfacing around Gotham. Yet no hero is insight. They speak of a man, a knight, a legend, whom close to a century ago was patrolling the streets of Gotham making sure its citizens were safe from the nightmarish thugs that also dwelled in the city's dark corners. Since then, heroes have given up on capes and cowls.  The last to go was superman back in 2063, only a few years back. By the time he went all crime had ceased, as had all super humans and heroes of the cape and cowl generation. In his last few years Clark Kent actually revealed his secret identity and ran for president. Under his guidance people built a society of love and peace. Cops and laws were only around to give new generations rules to maintain the peace. However, with the turn of the century coming up, and the loss of the last great hero, crime was uprising once again. In the face of this re-emerging threat a man decided to don a cape and cowl like the heroes of days past, this man became the new batman.
Lower east side Gotham, August 13, 2101
 8 year old Jason Gomez was reading some old comics he found of his father’s when he came across an old batman comic, and could not put it down, he was sad at the end when the joker got locked up. He liked the Joker; he almost instantly connected with him. From that day forth Jason would terrorize his neighborhood, though on a way smaller scale, just like the joker. Missus Hendrix's new litter of kittens mysteriously disappeared and were later found hanging from a tree skinned alive with a big red smile on them painted in lipstick. Jason’s dad never looked at him the same after that, it was almost like he knew, but he never said anything. Mr. Danbath woke up one morning to find a water balloon precariously placed over his head. He chuckled until he heard the pop. Someone shot a BB through his window and popped the balloon right into his face. The balloon was filled with bleach, Mr. Danbath is now blind. This was the closest thing to crime people had seen in ages. As he got older he got worse, But smarter.  He dyed his hair green like the joker and would often wear clown makeup to school and other functions, however that was his disguise. He would never let anyone see him with the makeup, and he almost always wore a hat. At first it was just because his father hated clowns but then he realized it was better to keep that as his alternate identity because unlike Joker, Jason had a dad that would beat him into submission for breaking the law. To cover his hair Jason also had hairspray for when he had to go to school. It would wash out at night and he could have his green hair and his hat.
When Jason was 12 he found a diary in the attic. At first he saw it as just random scribbles and rants and threw it to the side not paying it much mind, but as he dug further something drew him back to the journal.
"Batsy almost did it today. I was so close, he almost broke his sacred rule, instead he locked me in this hole again, I suppose I will have to harm a few children before I push him over the edge..."
The entry was dated Sept 3, 2003 and signed "Memoires from Arkham..." with crude smiley face next to it. He skipped a few pages and started randomly reading.

"January 1, 2004, 'Harley really cut me up today; she wanted to have a romantic evening. She starts the night off by bringing me into a room full of dead rose petals, with 'H&J' in hearts drawn in blood all over the room, and here I was thinking she was getting all mushy on me, she is truly a woman after my own heart, i must say the decapitated hookers above the bed were a lovely touch'..."
He read on and realized that this was actually the real Joker's Journal. Who knew the joker kept a journal. He kept the journal and left the attic. "Why was it in dad's trunk in the attic?" This thought left a foul taste in his mouth but the blood would taste worse so he didn't ask that day.
 A few years later he did question his father about the journal. He got slapped so hard he hit the ground. "This is bullshit" he thought, and decided to start investigating because a secret was on the edge of discovery. At the library he looked up old articles on the Joker, and Harley. Turns out the Joker had a kid with her. This child was taken away once when Joker got locked up. This child then had 2 daughters, and they went on to have children, and so were born a line of hell spawn each secretly keeping dark lives. Upon checking the family lineage, he saw that they had almost all been convicted of some sort of crime or another. Even the ones who didn't had been found to have committed crimes after they died. President Kent's decision to have everyone’s fingerprints and DNA taken upon arrival at the morgue was good for solving many cold cases and family lineage. He read on until it came to halt in 2076, when the last known descendant of joker was discovered upon death. "David Gomez?" he lingered on that thought. He found a picture that looked familiar but it wasn't anyone he had ever met. Then again he didn't know of any of his family other than his dad. Dad said mom died at birth and he moved over here from out west. Back to the computer. He quietly read aloud to himself:
"David Ignacio Gomez died of natural causes on July 17, 2076 in Reno Nevada. Upon arrival to morgue was Fingerprinted and DNA sampled. No known relatives. Police Record, let's see, prior to death, two tickets for excessive speeding. Post mortem, kidnapping, rape sodomy, manslaughter, homicide, dismemberMENT! OH MY GOD! He was a serial killer on the low."  He moved on to a newspaper article and continued, "David Gomez was involved in a series of unsolved kidnappings where all the victims were found sexually assaulted and mutilated with big smiles carved in their faces." He thought to himself, "DAD DID KNOW!" He realized he really must be the Joker's descendant. "But how? I mean how do you have a rape baby that carries your last name, that's impossible." Jason decided to do a little detective work. He typed in his mother’s name and read aloud "Marina Antoinette Lynsford-Gomez ...Missing?...Last known where abouts Lower East Side Gotham City leaving work at Gotham City Coffee house, Husband, Francisco Andre Gomez  reported she was missing on September 13, 2093..."He read on to himself for a bit. He was beyond curious as to why his father would report her missing only a few weeks after he was born and tell Jason she died at birth. Since his father was the only one who could fully answer these questions, he decided to ask. He printed out the picture of David, folded it and put it in his pocket.
"Dad where do you go at night?"
"My night job you know that."
"I don't believe you" he paused "I mean you make enough money at your day job to afford this place and all we got, so Why have a second job at night?"
"You really wanna know?" A very creepy smile overtook his father’s face. "Come with me tonight" He said, then in a raspy growl "I'll show ya..."
Jason was skeptical and a little scared but this was his dad so he stepped out the door. Suddenly there was a sharp pain in his neck and then blackness.  When he awoke he was in a small dark space and his dad was there with a naked woman who was tied up in bondage gear and a sock duct taped in her mouth to keep her quiet. Her Eyes were wide. She was scared. So was Jason.  "Dad?"
"This is what I do at night son, ya see Debbie here was out hiking a few weeks ago, she got "lost" in the woods"... He put his fingers up in mock quotes and smirked, Jason remembered seeing her picture on the news. "Dad, people are looking for her. You can't do this, we have laws, we have rules. You will be found out!"
"I haven't yet and I been doing this for ages" He smiled, "Guess what really happened to someone’s mommy?" He burst out into a maniacal laugh. Jason had always blamed himself for his mother’s death, which he thought his father did too. He always thought his mother would have saved him when his father would have an outburst and slap him around. "But how? Why? Why keep me?"
“I loved your mother to be honest, she was the perfect one, when I kidnapped her she actually liked it. She would giggle when I cut her, and she would orgasm when I had my way with her. I one day decided to let her go and cut this shit out. You were born. After that she changed. She wanted to be mother of the frickin year, so I had to remind her that I was still in charge whether she was tied up or not. Well things got a lil outta hand and I cut too deep" He smirks again, "It's kinda like a potato chip son, I cut her a lil and a lil turned into a lot and then she was dead. I buried her somewhere over there before I cemented and built this place over it" he pointed to a corner. Jason snapped, he sprung on his father; he grabbed him up and broke his arm. He pinned him to the ground and beat on him with his fists with the fury of a mother bear protecting her cub. When his father was about an ounce of blood away from being beaten to death Jason pulled his father’s face close to his own and produced the picture from his pocket, he shoved it in his father’s face. It was mostly covered in blood but the face could still be made out. "WHO IS THIS?" he was breathing hard, "I know you can’t see too well so I’ll tell you his name. David FUCKIN Gomez, now I’ll ask again WHO THE FUCK IS HE?" His father smiled through a broken jaw with jagged broken teeth and blood dripping everywhere, and mumbled "My dad, he did kind of the same thing only your grandmother was his partner; they just never found her DNA. She taught me all about clean up, and I would have shown you, but I guess you will find out on your own. Hey kid remember one thing though," He coughed some blood onto his already stained shirt, "you can't spell slaughter without LAUGHTER...Heh heh" the laugh trailed off, the smile left his face as did that last ounce of blood. Jason stood covered in his father's  blood. He looked at the girl, and untaped her mouth. "Oh my god thank you, thank you, he has been beating and raping me for days, maybe weeks, i lost track of time..." She began sobbing "thank you so much for saving me..." Jason cut her off, “Now I see why he had you gagged, you talk too much." Debbie was shocked and went silent "See toots, the only reason I took the tape off was cause I wanna hear you scream..." He got that same smirk his dad had just minutes earlier. He went outside to his dad's car and got a pack of smokes, and siphoned most of the gas out of the tank into a bucket. He poured a huge gulp down what was left of his father’s throat, a good portion on Debbie, a thin trail around the area leading up to Debbie, and a final splash on the wall. He lit a cigarette and left it in the ashtray which he threw on the bed. He then lit another smoke and said to the still terrified and in silently shock Debbie "Good thing crime is still low, they don't usually check for arson anymore, HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA" That same maniacal laugh "Tootles Deb, I’ll be listening till your screaming stops, gimme a good show will ya?." He blew her a kiss and threw his cigarette into the splash on the wall igniting it and stepped outside giggling. He really did wait for her to stop screaming before he left. This was his rebirth, Jason knew with his first 2 kills he was no longer pretending...Jason was now the new Joker of Gotham City.

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