Thursday, June 30, 2011

Just noticed that Hulkshare deleted all my songs....

so i gotta reupload em all, I already uploaded them just have to tag em etc. will get on that ASAP. Also got a new song for ya'll (that's how i found out my shit got deleted) but yeah i'll have that fixed before teh weekend, plus some new tunes. sorry for teh delay ya'll, making big moves currently. Recently DJ'd a Party in NYC and decided that until this music stuff kicks off that's what I'm gonna do. Going by "A.K.A. Jun" as my DJ name so if you see it hit the party I'll be banging as always... Well I'll be at it soon people holla!

MIEone DWI Crew

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  1. i used hulkshare and got a bunch of music and i love it, but i downloaded a song earlier today and before i started using hulkshare i had over 1000 songs and right after i downloaded the song i relized all music is gone and i cant get it all back, got any ideas how to get my songs back?


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