Monday, July 11, 2011

OK so i havent been posting my bad and heres ur reward for patience

OK so first off my bad i haven't posted much recently i been redicuous busy, moving, working, makin tunes...the works. anyway so first present is a glimpse at my new logo (its teh rediculous face above) i've been drawing different versions of that face for years so i figured why the hell not.

Next i have been moving the tunes to anoter files share cuz hulk share sucks but this file share allows me to embed entire albums, so below you will find the entire CD "Music for dead people...Feel teh bass" Available for free download and stream as well as the first 7 songs (told you i been busy) off teh next compilition.

the next compilition has its name in teh works for now i'm calling it "Late for teh pissin contest" but Imma work on that, any way till then enjoy what i got, oh and in case u need a reminder "LFTPC" is not finished so teh tracks are un EQ'd be mindful or your neighbors speakers ears etc...any way enjoy.

Music for Deaf Ppl by MIEone

MIEone - Late for teh pissing contest by MIEone

MIEoneDWI Crew

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